Natural Selection 2 Appreciation Thread

Who hear has played the lovely masterpiece that is Natural Selection 2? If you don’t know what it is, allow me to explain!

NS2 is a strategic FPS (kind of) with two teams of six. There are the Marines and the Kharaa. As a Marine you play as dudes with guns, big whoop. Where it’s really at is the Kharaa.

Crazy aliens with mouth cams, each with its own abilities. You start out as a small Skulk, a dog like creature that’s pretty weak, but it’s quick and can climb on walls. You can later evolve into different entities such as the Gorge, a chubby hippo creature that supports the team by building walls, planting turrets, drilling holes into other areas, and healing your team/increasing structure growth, the Lerk, a bat-vulture thing that leaves clouds of toxic spores wherever it goes, the Fade, a quick ambush predator with sickles for hands and the ability to teleport over vast distances, and the dreaded Onos, a big rhino-gorilla beast that does MAJOR damage to anything it hits.

Kharaa also have a “hive leader”, that helps buff the team, order them around, research new abilities and structures, and place them. The Marines have the same.

The Marine’s are pretty cool too. While the Kharaa get different evolutionary abilities from their Hive, Marines get different weapons and tools. Jetpacks, Flamethrowers, giant Mech Suits, the whole kazoo. Unfortunately Marines don’t have multiple classes, which kind of sucks, but it’s alright considering all the badass weapons you can get.

If you have played it, I ask you, what’s your favorite class? Marines or Kharaa? Personally, I can’t stand playing as a human.

If you’re a Kharaa player, what’s your favorite creature? My personal favorite is the Gorge. No idea why, I just love being able to build little mini fortresses with turrets I guess.


I see what your doing -_- lol anyways. If I played the game I might as well be a “Kharaa”

See what I’m doing?

You said how “Battle Arena” reminded you of “Natural Selection”

Um… Battle Arena?

Battle Arena you know the game I’m currently working on…


I’m sorry, I forgot that’s what it was called. Anyways, I’m not comparing them with this thread. That thread is what reminded me of how awesome this game is.

I know, just trying to be funny

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Just dont go too fast as a skulk, take 2:


Played it. Have it. Don’t play it much.
Gorge for life!

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Id just gave it a shot a few minutes ago after the recent patch.
guess im gonna play better games than this, netcode still seem to remain bull**** with tons of losspackage and 5hz client/server update lol

Alot easier to get 1 shot kills in CS GO with desert eagle than killing a skulk with 50 shots of the rifle xD

That’s mainly because Skulks are small and fast. Human’s should be traveling in AT LEAST pairs of two early game.

A Skulk will generally decimate a singular Human with the default load out.

Two Humans with the default load out generally decimate a singular Skulk.

Well usually u get around 3-4 Skulk Kills with a single Clip, but i simply cannot play the game since half of the shots go to nowhere.

I need ~22 shots for a skulk that is standing still till the death animation appears, just horrible experience i got from the game.

Sorry to hear that.

Ive never had that problem.

Do you have damage numbers and hitsounds on? They help immensely.

I think the servers also have a natural lag compensation of 100ms, which is pretty high. High enough to die around corners as a skulk.

Isnt that game deader than Evolve ? Well thats what I heard

1: Evolve isn’t dead.

2: Kind of.

No not really, it has a small community, but it’s got full game servers.

I like this game, still play it from time to time. Love gorge and onos.

Less players I think, but still way easier to find a game with a good team on a good server than evolve. Especially since the game is no longer flooded with 24 man servers. The engine and the balance really can’t handle 12v12 on such small maps.

Hm… Is it free to play ? I am on phone with slow net and too lazy to search it up