Naming things differently while in game


Do you guys or girls name things differently while in game compared to what the developers named.

For example I call Sunny’s Shield Drone “Olaf” not because “Drone 401” sounds so engaging or Olaf the Snowman but if you have read A Series of Unfortunate Event or watch the movie one of the main characters called Sunny and the villain is called Count Olaf.

I am just curious if you guys give things names as nods to random things or inside jokes with friends so you have like strange call outs that only you would all know when to others it would be gibberish?


I now refer to Sunny’s drone as NaN (Nordita Agression Denier)

Or something like that.


Denier? I am an idiot.

Negator is what I meant…oy


I almost always call Maggie Daisy and vice versa.


Spent a while with a dude who was calling cosmic Goliath “fairy Goliath” … We spent 10 minutes chasing the fairy. I kinda defaulted to it since …

And since I play Hyde too much, I’ve developed a Megamouth naming issue : It’s not a rock, it’s a wanker :slight_smile:


Ok so I am not crazy then and not the only one that does that thank you MaddCow!


Ya, it’s not intentional either haha :stuck_out_tongue: I almsot catch myself calling Nomads striders only because they are somewhat similarish to the giant Strider Mechs from Half Life 22.


To speak of one, is to speak of the other.


I may or may nor have a tendency to refer to Buckset’s sentries as Cortana, Wheatley, Dinklebot, Sam and Jimbo. >.>


There’s a few for me. Nomads are Space Giraffes. Dune Beetles are Antlions. Maggie is Daisy, because as we all know if players could control Daisy and just not bring Maggie it would be the best trapper ever. Slim’s little bug is Tinkerbell.

There are probably one or two more I’m forgetting.


Final Fantasy antlions? You spoony Bard!


Golden Sun antlions, actually.


I still have that game for my DS :stuck_out_tongue:


A group I play with called Laz “space jesus”.
It’s kinda fitting given his abilities… well, sort of.


all elite skins are the AMERICA (insert item here) because they are blue have stripes and stars


Everyone calls the Mammoth Bird, Mana Birds. So I guess people call them different things.


I like to call the harpoons 'poons, and the rifle the Poon Cannon.

It’s not abnormal, but it is kinda fun.


Nomad : girafes
Megamouth : Gravios (monster hunter reference)
Tyrant : gator
crowbill : gorilla
armadon : armored cow
dune beetle : death spider
reavers : monkeys
the green things : poison dogs

goliath : michael jordan
Kraken : squid
wraith : beyoncee (lol, sexy girl)
behemoth : bob

yeah i tend to call everything NOT by their names


We have a different view on sexy then. Beyoncé isn’t someone I would personally call sexy. ^.-


Well, as of today, I have started calling Crow ‘Shan Yu’, which is the villain from Mulan.

He’s basically an exact replica of that guy, with the bird and all.