#NameThatMonster New monster concept art / Name Ideas part 2


Part 2 of #NameThatMonster For Part 1 click here #NameThatMonster then run for your life. NEW monster / Concept Art idea

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This monster seems to “Cloak” while infecting it’s Host
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New monster concept / Name Idea Part 3 #NameThatMonster
What type of Monster would you like to see?

Out of these I’d say parasite, but I think “the plague” would also be cool.


I’d rather have plauge instead of insect.


Is this one real?


Also, ill say insect or parasite


This is just one of many concepts that I have made, it’s just fan made.


Ahhhhh! I was kinda excited that both of them were real, but good job


Make more pls


I do have more, Glad you like these concepts =D


This isn’t official, is it?


No, but it’s cool


If I was you I’d go with names of mythical creatures. My vote is for Pelesit.


I would name that monster Joshua


i think leecher works best for evolve


Paracite or “the plague”, but I dont like having “the” infront of a monster name it complicates things. if it was called paracite people would just call it “para” and its nice and simple.


They all sound wrong. Insect, Leecher, and Vermin sound too simple. Parasite sounds the best, seems to fit the best. But it’s still wrong. Parasite leans more towards being a adjective than a noun. Monster names should be right in the middle of adjective and noun.


That is hella creepy how it is cloaked while riding on the back of that poor Armadon.

How is it controlling the Armadon? Does it pierce something into it’s spine or brain?


Sounds like a good assumption, who knows.


I think Parasite fits the most but Leecher sounds good too.


Parasite please