Name your Fantasy Dream Team of Hunters


If you could have any 4 hunters you wanted, who would you take?

Brock Samson - Assault “Cupacabra, they’re all over Mexico”
Sterling Archer - Support “Danga Zone!”
Ellen Ripley - Trapper “Get away from her, you Bitch!”
Brick Tamland - Medic “Yea, there were horses and a man on fire and I killed a guy with a trident”

(I originally suggested Dr House, but twitch chat choose Brick instead)


Sauron - Assault ¨I seee youu¨

Vaati - Support ¨I had such power…¨

Sombra - Trapper ¨Cryssstallll¨

Medic - Medic ¨Prepare for your examination¨


Assault- Dragonborn. “Fus Ro Dah!” :smiley:
Trapper- Sherlock Holmes. “I deduce that the Monster is heading North. How, you ask? Elementary, my dear Cabot.”
Support- Satan. “Raining down fire from hell.” :sunglasses:
Medic- Me. I’ll be certified in a year or two.
Daisy- Daisy


Assault - Hellboy “Kitty want a pancake?”
Trapper - Scorpion “Get over here!”
Support - Azmodan “The armies of hell are restless…”
Medic - Doctor Who “I think you need a doctor.”


Assault- Clayton “unless the other side has a half naked jungle man he wins”

Trapper- Gaston “No one Traps like Gaston, no one tracks like Gaston No one’s gun is incredibly quick like Gastons.”

Support- Bobba Fett “He’ll take on anything!.. that isn’t a sarlacc”

Medic- Shenron (because infinite range Lazarus trolololol)


Assault- Zeus



Medic- A siren that heals you by repeatedly saying Jparty deals HEAVY DAMAGE from ABOVE.

Instantly win


Dream team pfft all i is need Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka to drop on shear that would be a proper fight. It wouldnt help the colonists mind you. Just running all over head butting everything.


Assault - Mehrunes Dagon - The Prince of destruction, violent upheaval, energy, and mortal ambition.

Trapper - Molag Bal - The Prince of domination and spiritual enslavement, seeks to ensnare souls within his domain.

Support - Clavicus Vile - A shape-shifter, who grants power and wishes through ritual invocations and pact.

Medic - Azura - The female Deity who maintains/draws power from the balance of night and day, light and dark.

(I had to do it, big Elder Scrolls fan.)


There are just… too many to choose from o.o

Iron man - flying death machine
Predator - invisibility, various sights, plasma cannon
Captn Murica - shield op
Hemet nesingwary - Expert wildlife hunter for decades

If you want the real punch, bring the ultimate enforcers of the emperors will… the space marines:
Master of the forge (techmarine) - trapper
Chapter Master - Assault
Chaplain - Support
Apothecary - Medic


Sir an error you have made. The real punch comes from the orks.


Assault: Rambo

Trapper: Kratos ( dem chains > harpoons )

Support: Dr Doom ( dem technologiez )

Medic: The TF2 medic obviously.