Name that reference


Now I’m not very sharp on references myself, but I am willing to challenge you to challange everyone on video game references that you may know. I will kick it off with this one:

“Perhaps there could be a reconciliation of our ideals without war?”

“True progress can only be achieved without blood shed.”


duck hunt

nailed it!


Lol, I’m gonna assume your joking (never played that)


FTL, of course. Zoltan’s ship was just too easy to get.

“This place is the end of all things. And the beginning.”

No cheating and looking online, either :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice grab! I knew it was familiar, but I would never have guessed FTL.

I have one:

“What do we do?”

“We die.”


I feel like I know that one… but I honestly have no idea XD. It’s like that quote could be a part of every damn game I’ve played! I also feel like it’s what every hunter says to each other when they come up against me. :smirk:


:confounded: I dunno…!


Yeah, it took me a few tries to get the right dialogue, and that ship was such a pleasant surprise. Still one of my favorite games.


The Last Starfighter! I even used the quote on these forums :slight_smile: Someone else can post the next quote though :slight_smile:


Is it DLC related? I may know


“It’s a secret to everybody”

Super easy for long-time gamers :smiley:


Dishonored- It’s a Heart quote in the void.


When you’re young, you go looking for every fight you can. You get older, you realize that the best fights find you.

Guess away.


My turn, this one is pretty easy

“Job done!”


LOOK! We blow things up. That’s our JOB! And if there’s one thing I’ve seen in all my day that’s in need of some BLOWIN’ up and PRONTO it’s THIS! Now are you gonna get off your a$$ and do your job or are you gonna…? (Not putting in the rest of the quote because it almost gives it away)


" Suffer, like G did. "


Correct! I loved dishonored and the first thing everyone does when they get the heart is use it in the void XD


Legend of Zelda.

Warcraft X from human peasant.

Here is one.

“What kind of weapons will they be using?”
“They… Throw… Rocks”
“Rocks? They throw rocks?”


“You mean like… sex?
SCREW this, I’m gonna live!”

that’s from memory, may not be 100% correct :stuck_out_tongue:



I have no idea on the quote. Who throws rocks at who? I know Goliath would ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Another easy one, although I dont think the younger audience knows the origins

“Do a barrel roll!”