Name That Monster!


So it looks like we get to help decide what the 4th Monster’s name is going to be, judging from this recent post!

What do you guys think?


which name did u choose ?


That’s really great that the developers communicate with the community to this extent. I have done my pre-order and it’s nice to be able to participate in the vote for the name of the monster I am to receive someday. Although I’m a bit sceptical about the ginomous size of the thing (it seems like the monster will lack speed), I’m still very excited to see it in the game. I have chosen Juggernaut, this name seemed more epic (I’m the Juggernaut, b*tch!) and appropriate xD


if it so big and powerful this means that it is also slow when it moves i chose juggernaut


So im the only one who choose Behemoth


Juggernaut? No way … this not marvel.
Behemot? nah … behemots tend to walk in four legs(Not the case here)
Titan? hum not really, the size comparison shows hes a tiny bit taller than Goliath, If he was considerable bigger in height the name would work.
Colossus? He looks large and tanky, kind like a big moving colossus tower.

I picked Colossus.


I love that mini griffen there. So cute.
It looks to be a crystal monster (thank God we went for rock on the turtle monster) so I would have to go for Juggernaut. Unless we get more info Juggernaut seems the ideal choice.


It was a hard choice , but in the end I ended up with titan . Juggernaut doesnt fit that well as a monster name (my opinion lol) and I liked titan the most of the remaining ones.


I think we need to get a name that is simaler to ancient legend and history. Goliath is from David and Goliath (Bible) Kraken is from the old stories of a giant squid sinking ships out at sea. We need a good name for this monster. I actually change my vote to Titan simply becuase of the Greek monster called the Titans.


Did nobody play heroes of might and magic the Monster kinda looks like Behemoth


I went for Colossus. It was my favourite out of them all, although Titan was my second favourite.


I don’t know! All very decent names, I think.

Still leaning towards either Titan or Colossus though.


you get the fourth monster for free when it releases shortly after Evolve’s launch as part of the Monster Expansion Pack, which also includes the Savage Goliath skin. That’s over $15 of downloadable content

So a monster and a skin are worth over $15, DLC is going to make me a poor man!

And i voted Colossus


Juggernaut is the perfect name both in its meaning and its being derived from ancient legends. Titan is not really a personal name, but a name for a class of beings ( the second order of divine beings).


whoa… if that little graphic is actually how they imagine this monster to look, it’s nearly twice as wide as Goliath. That seems… a bit much. Not sure how I feel about the look as a whole, too… the lobster claws and stuff aren’t really doing it for me. I wonder how “locked down” the look of the thing is at this point


Come to think, hes so wide … I think hes gonna have a hard time hiding in bushes xD


I read crystal into the design too…but it could just as easily be a rock creature. And it for sure is a tank. I’m afraid for your rock turtle now.


This was clearly the Golem!


Why does he need to hide in bushes , just dont move and pretend to be a rock xd .


There is so much in a name. It is hard to choose an appropriate one in a silhouette alone. I drew upon all my nerd resources to get a little background on each name.

Juggernaut - A Juggernaut is an unstoppable force. Usually an artificial construct of some sort. It could work really well if it has some unstoppable kind of abilities, and there is the whole “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?” thing that could be really fun while playing it. The word has Hindu origins referring to a “temple car”, which would crush smaller objects beneath its wheels.

Titan - Titans are typically very large humanoids. The name originates from Greek mythology, referring to the Titans who came before the gods. Titans are beings of exceptional power and size. Nowadays you see lots of things like “attack on titan” where the titan is some sort of human-like giant.

Colossus - Colossi are large statues. In mythology, they can come to life to defend a city. Going through my resources, they weren’t really considered more than that until “shadow of the colossus” where they became considered large craggy creatures with stone and earth all over their bodies. I definitely get a shadow of the colossus vibe from the image given. Could be a great name if the monster is very stone focused.

Behemoth - A Behemoth was first mentioned in the bible, referring to a large creature that could be “an elephant, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, crocodile, or sauropod”. It is a relatively ambiguous creature, and takes many artistic forms, though it is almost always quadrupedal with features reminiscent of a bull.

I like all the names here. I’m personally split between Colossus and Behemoth. I love that they are doing this survey though! It is a great teaser and gets some nice community involvement.