Name Squishy’s friends!


Those who are in the SSR thread might know I recently got a Hydra and I named him Squishy. Upon closer look it appears Squishy has two friends! I like making little forum activities that we can all do together and I think I’d be fun to have the forum name the other two. So we’ll have two polls. We’re gonna say there is a female and a male for my sake. Squishy’s girlfriend and best friend! Suggest some names for them and I’ll make a poll for the ones I like so that we can officially name them!


Also here’s Squishy




Kevin or Lil’ Kev




Hmmm…need to recall the name of the spearing plant from Evolve…it was in the Hunter’s Quest game…agghhh brain won’t work right now.

Edit: Impaler and mangler…not very friendly names…hmm. How about Blorp and Globby?



Or maybe Penelope.


Flotsam and Jetsam :smiley:


I’m diggin’ Lawrence.


It better be pronounced “Peen-e-lōp”

I think I did that right?




Squishy and friends have been relocated to a bigger tank for mine and they’re convenience. It’ll be easier to feed them and I can put in a decoration for them to sit on since Hydra’s apparently don’t like to stick to flat surfaces. I would show the tank but the my rooms a mess even the desk that the tank is on is a mess. I’ll be compiling names and making a poll Monday if I remember.


Dart and Demigorgon XD
(Dart and Demi for short)


Red and skull?
Hail Hydra