Name of the Song in "The Hunt Evolves" Trailer


Anyone at TRS in the know who can fill us in?

Cool trailer. Very Borderlands; very blood-pumping and “Badasses taking care of business.”

But what’s the song?


It sounds like 2k designed this trailer, reminds me of the Borderlands trailers just like you said.

Now that I think about it, the new maps also remind me of Borderlands as well


A lot of people were asking the same on Youtube but so far no one seems to know.


Heh heh.

Tried Shazam and I guess it must have been confused by the game sound-effects, because it came up as Schumann’s “Szenen aus Goethes ‘Faust’ fur Solostimmen.”



Someone found it. It’s called “Gonna Need a Grave” by Urban Country."Gonna%20Need%20a%20Grave"


Awesome! Good research, that song is brilliant!

Whoever comes up with the music choices for the trailers does a very good job at doing so, especially because of Lissie’s cover of “Mother” and the “Ready or Not” trailer also.