Name a song that ties in with a hunter or monster


So for example:


Demons by Imagine Dragons. Describing the Demon within himself, and Emet has a Demon Core. Get it? The whole song doesn’t necessarily have to match with the character, maybe just the chorus or intro… :smile:

It can be related to the hunter’s/Monster’s lore or/and Ablities. Or even dropship conversations.

PS: This song actually goes really well with Emet when I first heard it lol


This song reminds me of Kala.

Fighting to keep the monster within her inside. :slight_smile:


I don’t know what’s wrong but I’m on fire,
it seers through my hands, leaving skin on the wire
Awake in this womb with a crown sting in my self
When I listen, the same cry plays on.

…Idk. I mean I would post another one for Hyde but its so gooey and lovey xD




Omfg why xD


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All of them.


This is what I picture Hyde listening to…NSFW because of the nude background dancers



Baby come back (harpoon hits)

you can blame it all on me (monster turns around)

I was wrong (monster now chasing griffin)

(To Val) and I just cant live without you!


Hahahaha Hyde’s mind is mush