NA PC player, looking for active team


Not 100% sure what a competitive Evolve team looks right now, but I think that’s the direction I wan’t to head. I am getting a little tired of just pugging, and would really appreciate being a member of a team that actually uses strategy and communication, as well as working on role specialization. I currently play all roles, and don’t have a huge preference, but I would very much like to start focusing on mastering a single role.

If you have a team, or are looking to form one and would like to talk more, just leave me a message and I will get back to you quickly. Thanks.


Sounds cool are you on the Xbox or PS4?
Also check out this link there are a lot of active gamers there in real-time, , you can also post your message there.


As the post says, I am PC, and there is nobody on Gridom. Also, that appears to be more for pick up groups rather than a long term team.


Your right but what I´ve seen is that PC gamers post there more like how you do on the forum and then get to meet others that way. I know I guy recruiting to his Team speak channel through Gridom and got like 20 new members.

Anyways have a great night :slight_smile:


:smiley: Ah, Ill check there again then! Thanks Miles!


i just bought the game 2 days ago, played 9 hours. looking to be in the top of the ladder for several catagories. hit me up


Wrenagade419 on steam, just unlocked Hank Elite last night, number 30 region, 81 global, not like that matters though, if you need a support you can add me, I can play whatever but I’m best at Hank,… He is his own class… I’m looking for active players, I have a friend that plays assault and he is always playing with me but matchmaking barely ever finds other players.


My friend and I are both experienced players looking for some cool guys to play with often.
ID: Sp33dSlayer


Hey, i just passed 130 on the game with beta and big alpha ! i’m looking for a competitive group too, i am main monster, and as hunter i am more a medic, and as a second choice, trapper.

ID : kingkongbudy


WOW! Lots of responses! I have sent out friend requests to those who gave their Steam ID’s. Also, here is the Team Speak address where I usually go to look for groups I am on a lot so feel free to stop in and say hi.


If any of you PC guys would like to join us, TAW clan is currently still recruiting people to join us as we play in Evolve. We try to form up into groups as much as possible. Last night for the first time we peaked at having 2 complete groups actively playing together.

But we feel we need a few more people to join us so that our members will always have a group to join, and so we can have enough people to fill out a couple teams when we start being competitive in the future.

Filling out true teams is tough because you not only need people to be online, but they also have to be able to play together as a team. You also have the added issue of real life and how it affects each member’s individual play times.

The more people we can field the easier it will be to have several true teams that we can switch in / out from one competition to the next while the non-fielded teams rest up and trains. If you’d be interested in joining us, even if just casually, please do either sign up to our website at or if you’d like more information first then please send me a private message here, or a friend request on steam and message me there.

Grengras / TAW-MMO / MMOhealer
(TRS forums & Twitch name / Steam & Game name / TAW handle name)


Hey, I recall TAW from back when I used to play SC2 a lot. I would love to come drop a few rounds, I have the TS location, if you would be so kind as to PM me the password I would love to come run some drops with you and see if I like how I fit there.


Sounds good Insomnia, I’ll send you a temp guest password now.