Mystic Games Logo


I have a company name that I decided on a while ago and I thought I’d share what my mom made because I love it a ton!

And Boom!

Edit: MG does not stand for Meteor Goliath :stuck_out_tongue:


Touched up a little bit. Looks good thoe :slight_smile:


OK… so… it’s a great first pass but if I could offer comment… the font should really be a bit more “friendly” and simple, complicated fonts don’t translate in to all the places that you would use your logo (Think… website, letter heads, invoices, email signatures, etc).

Also… personally, I’d drop the G completely, remove it, I don’t think it’s needed.

But I like the concept :smiley:


I’d agreen, maybe incorporate the G into the background Circle, and make the logo be more associated with the brand. “Mystic”.

However as a first pass, it looks good :slight_smile:
Logo’s are hard to do, and they take several passes to get right.

I think the MetaBattles one took about 30 drafts :frowning:
QS was about 18


@Seedsy I hope it’s okay if I save it, cause I like it a lot!

@niaccurshi I shall pass that on to my mom, this is why I told her specifically NOT to print it out yet smh

and seedsy can you show me what you mean by a quick drawing?

EDIT: I’m heading over right now to tell her :slight_smile:


All urs :slight_smile:

Whats quick drawing?


Like instead of taking your time that you could just slap it on there :stuck_out_tongue:

(I told mom your guy’s feedback and she didn’t really say much but she did say the the words on @Seedsy photo was off-centered)


i noticed it immediately after posting :frowning:
But it depends on your definition of Mystic.


Fixed the alignment


Definition of Mystic?

Well like supernatural, mystified, unordinary. Is that what you mean?

There was this I did a few months ago, I know I know I’m not the best at drawing circles


No No… You’re definition of Mystic.
How do you associate yourself with the Brand,

Its a very philosophical question. :slight_smile:


Well I suppose the reason I chose the name was because I am a power lover everything from Fire to Lightning I love it. So as the name Mystic gives me a power type vibe


I liked the logo as the letters are crafted beautifully! :slight_smile:


Thank you!