Mystery Solved? How I think that the Lightning Gun actually works


So as some may or may not know, the Lightning Gun does not have a consistent duration nor a consistent damage per clip. It is also not exactly know what the Damage Value in the gamefiles exactly does.
I did some testing myself and I have come up with the following conclusion:

The Lightning Gun Beam has 6 rays, each dealing 5 damage per tick (0.2 seconds). The rays do NOT nessesarily connect at all times, meaning that they dont do damage. Each ray can and will do a maximum of 150 damage. Until ALL 6 have their respective 150 depleted, the gun keeps firing and all rays will try to continue to do damage. The displayed capacity scales with the highest damage value of a ray remaining. This means that 1 point of capacity is only drained (during 0.05 seconds) when the capacity percentage is above the percentage of the damage remaining.

I addition to that, at the beginning of the beam, each ray has a chance of dealing 1 to 2 extra damage.

The minimum duration of the Lightning Gun is therefore 6.0 seconds (150/5 * 0.2) and the maximum amount of damage possible is 912 (1506 + 62).

Let me give you an example of what I mean here:

0.00s: 8 Initial damage is done, all 6 rays connect for a total of 38 damage
0.20s - 5.80s: All 6 rays hit every single time, dealing 30 damage per 0.2 seconds
6.00s: Just 5 rays connect, 1 misses. 1 of the 5 rays has dealt 2 + 305 = 152 damage, 4 rays dealt 1 + 305 = 151 damage. The one that missed only dealt 2 + 29*5 = 147 damage.
So the capacity will be drained until 2 points are remaining.
6.20s: Since there is still capacity left, all 6 rays will fire for 5 damage.
6.25s: Last capacity point starts draining
6.30s: No capacity remains. The visual effect of the lightning fades.

Overall the Lighting Gun dealt 8 + 3065 + 5*5 = 933 damage in 6.30 seconds = 148 .095 dps.

Now of course, this is ideally speaking. You will miss a lot more rays in the usual game. If you want to see a 6 second duration with 906-912 damage, play Nest and attack an shell-less Egg from very close range while aiming downsights.

Here a picture of the 6 rays, where only 3 connect


or just ask @LordDeath if he knows anything about the LG being inconsistent


Why would they code it as a Rube Goldberg machine?


he’s trying to find out why the lightning gun seems to have inconsistencies in damage/duration when tested in the same situation on occasions.


I thought that this thread was going to be about the sci-fi of how it worked. :sweat_smile:

Have you ever noticed how the node things in the lighting gun that turn red resemble the nodes on Krakens tentacles?


Considering that the monsters adapt from Hunters Kraken learned from T1 hunters it is Kraken who looks and emulates the lightning gun. Thanks Markov! :slightly_smiling:


Very interesting!

Kraken! I knew you were an influence!


@LordDeath Sorry to tag you again, but I really REALLY want to know how exactly the damage ouput and the duration of the Lightning Gun work. Please, share with us your knowledge.


Speaking of that I realized the other day that if they adapt from hunters then kraken learned to fly from them too. Never saw it brought up before because the lightning gun was just obvious


So I’m going to simplify a bit since I think how it works is over complicated. The gun tethers to a target for 5 seconds. During that 5 seconds it is constantly refreshing a dot that lasts for .25 seconds. That dot deals 150 dps. Meaning it’s max damage is 787.5 damage. The main tether is only one beam and the extra chain targets only deal 5 damage and do not chain to the main target.


If you say so…

The damage in the performance screen always comes out very differently, even with mastery disabled.


If it is not too much to ask for, I would like the complicated version though :smile:
I was testing it myself for very long, but I never was able to reproduce a beam for 5 seconds or 787.5 damage. The best I could do though was 6 seconds and 908 damage. Most of the time it lasts longer and does more damage. I am also very certain that it reapplies the dot every 0.2 seconds. Within the first 50ms I got resuts varying from 36 to 41, with an increase of a maximum of 30 with each 0.2 seconds passing.
Even though 6 seconds would result in 31 damaging ticks, it is only 30. Somewhere between 5 and 6 seconds there is a tick lost.
So what you said does not at all explain what I have seen in the game.


Gotta agree. It’s different damage almost every time, but my results are very similar to yours in testing.


I’ll look into it more since I’m not too familiar with the weapon and I’m not sure why there would be variation with damage.


So after some testing I found out that the duration is bugged and varies from ~5 to 6.5 seconds :sob:.

Some of the data I got:
750 25 ticks; 5 second duration
815-819 27 ticks
845 28 ticks
876 29 ticks
969 32 ticks; 6.46 second duration


Heh, I tried to get people to look at this in march of last year…

Thanks for finally confirming it though! You seem to be really good at what you do.


you aint the only one who’s tried to figure the damn thing out since then.

wait. i thought it did 30 damage per tick with 5 ticks per second (0.2) which ends up 750

nevermind. there it is. lol.

i’m sure we must annoy ya’ll sometimes but at least we help find bugs for ya’ll! xD


You would have to try extremely hard to annoy me. Feel free to tag me anytime.


i usually try not to if it can be helped. a large number of things can be figured out if you spend enough time looking into them, but sometimes things are just plain inconsistent.

but yea. if i find anything else that i believe needs to be looked i’ll chat with white hawk so he can do some more testing and bring it up with ya’ll


If you are going to fix this, can you take a look at Blitz Markov too? I think he suffers the same bug.