Mystery Badge

“Maybe” isn’t answer… devs know the answer. But they, ehhh… don’t care?

Well consider they aren’t in yet that seems a bit harsh.

I thought you were bored with Evolve anyway?

Ye, ye that’s true… but you know… I’m GOD, i can tell what I want, I can do what I want… it’s my world.

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hey ive got that badge, the forums wont let me upload screenshots cause im new but i have a picture, but i have no idea how i got the badge. i have one star on every character so its definitely not a elite badge.

i preordered maybe thats it

Can you put the link in quotes?

I have the badge as well. Give me a second to get a screenshot.
Edit: I’m on xbox so I have to wait for the Upload to “save” my screenshot by yeah I definitely have the one he is missing (maybe he has it now) but it looks pretty cool.
@Denny… R.I.P

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If it really is that badge, then Denny left a bit too soon.

how do i unlock last goliath emblem?

Well son of a…

That’s awesome! Wish I knew what unlocked it.

Thank you, sir!

Just to be clear I have all characters and monster elite but I have done next to nothing as far as the companion app goes. I also have the hunting season pass if that has anything to do with it.

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It might. I have all the app badges except one that was glitched. And half the hunters elited.

Good to know I should have that badge now, though I probably won’t use it.

I think we can all agree that this thread is testament to the superbly transparent design of player profile management.

If someone can maybe contact devs or moderator about this it may help. We have proof it exist at least

Contact them for what?

Nevermind, just found out i have it now

I have it too, donno why. But maybe we troll Denny a little bit like he did with the Trapper challenge, and maybe he will be a little more polite because he wants to know something from us.

Except you just posted that on a public forum. :wink:

Lol, there it is after all that, just unlocked in the new client build with no explanation.

Shit that reminds me that I gave up on the app…