Mystery Badge

I’ve got elite Hyde and badge from the Hunters Quest for Hyde but I’m still missing one badge, how can we get it?

all the last badges of each ‘icon’ can be obtained by leveling your character to lvl 30 on the Hunter’s Quest App (smartphone)

Read the OP.

Nope, thats the bear with a bird. This is mystery…

Maybe it’s for eliting all the Assault characters? Just guessing, I have no idea. Would be kinda weird though since the badge is Hyde specific.

I’ve got all elite assaults and still not.

Same for this background… I’ve got lvl 40 but I’m missing one background, how is that even possible?

Oh damn, I assumed all the last ones were part of the App :frowning:

It’s true but not for Hyde.

Did you complete the bestiary in Hunter’s Quest? I think some stuff is tied to that.


This one is for medic mastery. Is it unlocked now?

Yep, this is OK. :slight_smile:

Ok, cool…


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I suppose it could still be tied to the app and just isn’t working. My Cabot badge didn’t unlock forum me even though he’s level 30.

Ok man… listen…

there are 5 badges.

One is for 1 star Hyde.
Second is for 2 star Hyde.
Third is for 3 star Hyde.
Fourth is for level 30 mobile app Hyde.
Fifth is a MYSTER?!?!?!

The bear with bird is that badge from the MOBILE APP.

Do you get it or still not?

Relax, I’m just trying to think outside the box of how the last badge would be unlocked.

Yup, I know. I have it as well.

Maybe it’s tied to DLC or something in the app that is currently unavailable.