My2k Not reachable?


Is the servers down or something. It seems like I can’t “reach” the servers. Are they down at the moment or is my game just bugged out?


Restart the game and see if that works


Done like 5 times, right now I am trying to “Verify Integrity of game cache”


Are you in offline play, is your internet bad? Nothing is showing up on 2K’s Twitter

@THISaint Can you help?


well my internet isnt bad at all! (, I played earlier with no problem at all :confused:


I don’t know what to do :confused:


I am writing to 2K


That a way to start :smile: haha


Yep, I guess 2K Customer Team will be able to look into this.

@Wraith-Is-Life Let us know if they find a solution for you, so the next time we would forward to the Customer Team directly if someone has the same issue.


@THISaint I got told to “Verify integrity of game cache” and if that didnt work then reinstalling the game should fix it. But none of those things fixed it for me, but I was able to play again after my PC had been shut down for like 30min or so, then I just turned it on again and I was able to play :slight_smile: