My2k not reachable stage2

Is there maintenence or something got this when I loaded evolve today.

Are you still getting this?

Yes I am unfortunately.

First, can you confirm that you don’t have Steam in offline mode?

And if not, please try the instructions in this post:

Then report back!


Worked thank you soon much :smile:

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Woohoo! :dancer:

I’ve followed the instructions and still doesn’t work

I also have other games with a different username to the steam username - is that the problem ?

I’m not familiar with,but If the above instructions didn’t help I’d suggest filing a ticket with 2K customer support.

Unfortunately, there’s not too much we can do for you except what is listed in the self help topic.

My ticket with 2K Support indicated the following:

It is my understanding that you are encountering issues connecting to the 2K Servers. I completely understand how concerning this may be, so I will provide you with some clarity.

There were some server issues recently that we are currently working on. Unfortunately, we do not have a time frame as to when this will be rectified, but we kindly ask that you keep trying as this should be corrected soon.

In the meantime, we suggest that you verify the integrity of the game’s cache as this is a common solution to many issues such as yours. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Thanks, at least they have replied and at least they are trying. This line is fishy tho, " I completely understand how concerning this may be, so I will provide you with some clarity." haha.

xbox, ps4 and pc had this issue much earlier and then afterwards we’ve been able to log in. i guess they have been working on something.

I think it was mostly because I rated my last support ticket as “unsatisfying” (because of the lack of transparency), but it’s still nice to have them admit there was a problem. It does sound like they’re actually fixing it, though.

I deleted cache.m2k and precache.m2k but it keeps coming back,what should I do now

Why is this topic still open? 2K shut down the servers for stage 2 2 months(?) ago and removed the game from Steam. Which means: you wont be able to play it anymore

Good point. This topic is very much out of date now due to 2K shutting down Stage 2 servers. If you need any technical support unfortunately TRS are no longer involved in the development or maintaining of Evolve, and you’ll need to go to 2K support for help.

There are other threads around on this forum for how to access “Legacy” Evolve, if you still wish to play the game, and there is a small core community still playing!

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