My2k Evolve st.2 login error


So I want to login to my Evolve account, but as soon as I get to main menu, I get a ‘‘The my2k service is not currently avaible. Please check your blah blah my2k features will be inacessible.’’ My Steam nick is same as here, onyxosaurus02. Please help


Welcome to the forums! Unfortunately TRS cannot do anything about it and you’ll have to contact 2k since they’re the ones who run it. It probably has to do with Evolve being shut down so you might not be able to access it.

Edit: I’m dumb and I misread it. You probably won’t be able to play online or log in on Steam since the servers are down for S2. If you have a problem about that you’ll have to take it up with 2k but I don’t think they’ll do anything other than send an automated response.


I think if you hit cancel you can proceed but you’ll only have access to p2p games.