I just went to youtube on my pc and its all bugged. Its too bugged to explain so heres a screenshot image

Please help!

I already tried restarting pc and restarting chrome disableing adblock.

and none of it works. :cry:

Try flushing your Google Chrome cache in ‘History’ / ‘Geschiedenis’ and check the extension list in the ‘Settings’ / ‘Instellingen’ menu to make sure there aren’t any unwanted 3rd party extensions active.
(Downloaded a torrent recently?)

If you’re 100% sure this only happens on YouTube, then clearing the cache should do the trick.
If it’s not, consider running a internet connection check at .
Otherwise I’d suggest perhaps to open YouTube in incognito mode (Ctrl+Shift+N) to check whether or not it’s got anything to do with your user account.

Does the same problem occur in IE or Firefox?

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Thanks alot! +1

I cleared my history and it worked like normal :smiley:

So /thread @Sentry_Gun then?

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The issue was fixed :smile: