My wraith got no nose!


round two of an evacuation game , was a rescue mission , cant recall the map but there was a cut scene of a rocket trying to launch a med pod. i spawned is as wraith and for some reason was unable to use the smell ability.

i checked it was still bound to mouse 2 and even reset it to something else then back but still wouldnt work.


If the hunters win on distillery the monster has no smell for the next game.


There is a map advantage that disables smell for monster in Evac mode. It’s if you lose as Monster on Distillery.


oo thanks for the fast reply, interesting game choice, you get your ass handed to you by a co ordinated team in round one so they cripple you and make it unplayable in round two because… hmm

guess ill just be quitting out of those games then.

odd design choice would of thought the loosing side could do with the boost not the ones that won.


Thats why there is an autobalance. Dome map perks are REALLY strong and some are really weak. Just need to make the most of it. I like the variations of them. That being said, you get more damage and damage reduction to compensate.


well its going to have to be one hell of a buff to let me do anything at stage 1, and with no smell ability they are likely to win before i get to two and some armour. they get the first 2 as freebies anyway, haven’t seen it from the other side yet so maybe im missing something just seems to be rather massively unbalanced


You can still get by without sniffing, it’s just harder. There are still huge signs pointing to where survivors are, and when they are downed you still see the icon above their head. If you think not smelling is bad, try playing Hunters with aggressive wildlife. Haha, it’s like a survival horror :smiley:


Had the same effect as Kraken just started using banshee mines instead as indicators and leaving them behind me they screech extra loudly letting you know where the hunter is. Perhaps you should have changed monsters. Also try not to be such a spoil sport hunters will stay to the end even if they lost two matches and have to deal with a monster and minion. I had a match where the guy kept using wraith for all game modes he won the first two lost the one where we took damage in water, played horrible when half the map was cut and then quit when we got flying turrets on the 4th day.


well i was pretty sure it was a bug , only really like playing as Goliath , but i figured wraith abduction might be a good thing to have in a rescue mission. wasn’t until i got in game i found out about the no smell penalty and i’m sorry i still think its silly to punish the side that lost the last round with a crippling penalty.

figuring it was obviously a bug and realising they were likely to win before i could even get to stage 2 i decided to leave a game i thought was broken and report it here in the bug forum.

but you are right its not the thing to do to just leave games, so i guess i just wont play evacuation, it is broken imo and the 3 modes it offers seem to be unbalanced, i mean the hunters get half the objectives for free while the monster has to go pve , and the last day seems to be kraken only and i find him to be a really boring monster except for lightning strike. guess ill just use it as a way to level up and unlock hunter stuff in co-op games.


where their med pods in the map or were you on the map with the rocket?
Cause if their were medpods, then it’s a bug.
If it was just the map with the rocket, then it’s probably the no smell effect.