My Wraith Design


I’ve given Wraith some serious thought. I’ve played as her and against her and am on the side of people who feel she needs to be changed. However instead of groaning about her with no constructive suggestions, I’ve gone the full opposite direction to suggest how I would rebuild her kit.

Naturally I expect a lot of negative feedback on this, but I felt my creativity needed to be heard. On the chance TRS like some of my ideas, I welcome them to use them. It is their product and they are in charge of how their game develops and evolves. I just hope my contribution may help get Wraith to where I feel she was intended to be.

So here we go:

Design: Wraith is an assassin who wears the enemy down. Unlike the other monsters who can take on a full hunter team, Wraith is a fragile creature who needs to dissect her pursuers and weaken them enough so when she comes in for her final strike everyone falls like a house of cards. More than any other Monster, Wraith maximizes health Strikes to secure her victory.

She should be a challenging monster to play and reward accurate skill-shot, mind games, evasive maneuvers, and fighting the long game. She should be swift but not uncatchable. Hunters should be slowed by her forcing them to back-track to an ally in trouble, opposed to her being able to move ridiculous fast. She should be hard to learn, and even challenging to use when mastered. But her joy comes from the sense that you won with such a penalized creature, knowing it wasn’t from cheap brute force but intelligent play and cunning.

Travel: Wraith slithers across the ground, making a subtle slithering sound that can be noticed by observant hunters. However it is much more quiet than the footfalls of Goliath or the crackle of Kraken. Players will need to keep their senses sharp to know she is close when not sneaking.

When she needs to sprint, Wraith teleports a short distance forward. This mobility allows her to even leap into the air and cross distances at a blinding speed. She needs this since her ability to climb is slower than Goliath or Kraken, though still quicker than Behemoth. As such Wraith finds herself slithering along the ground to use cover more than any other monster.


1) Abduction: Wraith uses her transwarp ability to dash an incredible distance, ignoring all intervening terrain (like a railgun) and grabbing the first creature she encounters. She then darts back where she came from with her prey, isolating it for her to slaughter at her leisure.

  • Distance: 80/ 100/ 120 metres
  • Cooldown: 30/ 25/ 20 sec

NOTES: Abduction is Wraith’s signiture move - like Goliath’s firebreath and Kraken’s lightning. Being able to travel through the terrain allows her to setup ambushes behind unclimbable terrain, grab a hunter, and buy her more time to kill them before their team can come to their rescue.
Abduction should also utilize the advanced strategies suggested by TRS. These include:

  • Abducting a Hunter while sitting beside a Tyrant or Megamouth. On return, the wildlife gulp down the Hunter, while Wraith makes a run for it.
  • Wraith dashes towards a distant flock of birds, causing them to take flight and mislead the hunters in the wrong direction of where Wraith truely is

2) Decoy: Wraith sheds her skin, loosing some armor to create a copy of herself while her new skin blends into her surrounding; cloaking her from view for 5. This requires some focus to maintain, and should she dash her Clone will disolve early and her Cloak will end.

  • Clone Damage: 50/ 65/ 80%
  • Cooldown: 45/ 39/ 33 sec

NOTES: Decoy is Wraith’s main escape ability, but can be used to harvest wildlife. Aggressive Wildlife will always attack her clone before the original letting her avoid some damage. It does cost Wraith one bar of her armor to create, meaning it does come with a cost in addition to its cooldown.
The duration of the clone is equal to 3 + (Wraiths Armor bars on creation) seconds. Thus a Wraith who uses this with no armor will create a Decoy that lasts 3 seconds, while a Clone created at full armor will last 7 seconds.
Wraith can direct her clone. When used the Clone will dash in the direction she was facing, before moving towards the nearest hunter; or the nearest wildlife is no hunters are present. If Wraith places her targeting cross-hair on a victim, the Clone will seek to attack that target.

3) Paralysis Spray: Wraith floods an area in a venomous cloud, poisoning affected hunters and wildlife and obscuring vision. Hunters who have suffered a Health Strike are slowed.

  • Radius: 10/ 15/ 20 metres
  • Cooldown: 30/ 25/ 20 seconds

NOTES: The first of Wraith’s abilities to capitalize on Health Strikes. In addition to having their vision obscured and suffering Poison Damage, Hunters who have suffered a Heath Strike are also slowed in a fashion similar to Hyde’s toxic grenades. Its short cooldown makes it great for hunting Wildlife, or used to reduce the speed of injured hunters to make them easier targets to abduct, or even be used as a cover to hide her Decoy.

4) Supernova: Wraith explodes into a savage frenzy of attacks, radically increasing her attack speed. She sadisticly strikes weakened hunters, dealing additional damage to victims who have suffered Health Strikes.

  • Attack Speed: x2/ x3/ x4
  • Duration: 3/ 4/ 5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 20 seconds

NOTES: Instead of an ‘Arena’, Wraith buffs herself for a few seconds, allowing her to unleash explosive fury on her victims. In the early game the increased attack speed makes for great hunting, while it the late game it is devistating on injured hunters who suffer 25% increased damage per Health Strike they posses while Wraith is under the effect of this buff.
The buff only affects Wraith however. Her clone remains unaffected, allowing Hunters to see a distinct difference between the two Wraiths and know which one they should be attacking - provided the having been sliced in half from this savage onslaught

So there it is. My take on what Wraith should be. It rewards Skill-shots with Abuction and Poison Spray, it reduces Wraith’s mobility by removing Warp Blast and slowing down her climbing, it forces the players to be selective of their timing when to use Supernova and Decoy, she remains fragile, yet highly aggressive.

Thankyou for taking the time to read. It is simply my opinion from some deep thinking. Regardless of this, I hope Wraith evolves into something more enjoyable for the Hunters to pursue.