My Wraith Adaption: Phantom Wraith


Tell me what you guys think. For the look I imagine wraith having two sets of back spikes with a fin between each spike. The tentacles have tiny spikes. The color would be black and red, but a different shade than the Savage skin.
Abduction - Longer Reacharge, No damage on impact Wraith creates a portal and brings a hunter through it, portal spawns them within 50 meters
Warp Blast - Longer Recharge, More Damage
The blast implodes, creating a vaccum that brings hunters closer to the center.
Super Nova - Longer Recharge, smaller radius
Wraith is immune to all damage for about 5 to 10 Seconds, but it does not gain a damage or speed buff
Decoy - Less Damage, Longer Recharge
Wraith can warp and can ONLY use Abduction while cloaked
What do you guys think.


It’s alright, but it might need some tweaking


I like this idea. Very easy to imagine…I CANT WAIT for a Wraith adaptation! Gorgon and Wraith are my Go-To’s.


For supernova, I wouldn’t make it completely invincible. Maybe a <70% damage reduction with a slight increase in movement speed if she isn’t attacking.

The portal concept on the abduction seems kinda silly. I wouldn’t mind a cancel-able abduct for a longer recharge time however.


What if when Wraith performed Supernova, it wasn’t an AOE, but just enhanced Wraith for a short period. Meaning that it would be active and she could go distances/warp/etc.


why not supernova can recharge WB or AD or Decoy or a traversal but its random


all a rule of thumb involving monsters, all and any abilities are required to deal damage.


I would suggest a little different abilites inspired by your imploding warp blast. The new wraith is sort of less defensive version and abilities i came up with seems to combo very good.

  1. Super Nova now becomes Black Hole - insted of boosting Wraith’s damage inside black hole, hunters movement is slowed by 50%. At triggering the ability hunters caught in the area of effects are pulled to the center (Wraith)
  2. Abduction now becomes Astral Swap - (mechanics is similar to that of 5t support) targeted hunter swaps places with Wraith
  3. Decoy becomes Twin - Wraith is no longer invisible but she and her Twin can do damage at the same time. However damage taken by Twin is also applied to the original Wraith and vice versa (so damage output and damage taken is two times bigger)
  4. Warp Blast becomes Nether Blow - impact does not kick hunter awaya, it freezes them in place for a moment or two


No on the longer cool downs. Find a different way to balance please. Wraith needs to get in and out of combat quickly to survive. Increasing all of her ability cool downs will hinder this, making her Goliath 2.0


Is this the kind of coloration you’re thinking of?


sounds pretty cool. The warp blast variation is like my idea i had posted a few days back. it all sounds good, i would just like everything to be explained a bit better, so i can picture it. How does the new abduction work? It kinda sounds like normal abduction but with less damage. Supernova would be too op and too weak at the same time, due to the fact that you take no damage, but you dont get any other bonuses than that. decoy would be completely useless, as it does less damage, and this new abduction does too. its just a weaker version of using live decoy, then climbing a cliff, then using abduction. All in all, it could use some work, but they arent bad thoughts.

My thread is “UPDATED: Monster Variations” if you want to see how i structured my ideas, and perhaps expand your own. Keep it Up :smile:


How about mine?


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This thread is a little old and we do now have a main thread for adaptation ideas. If anyone else has more ideas then feel free to use the thread provided. :slightly_smiling: