My wonderful Gorgon isnt a Spider it is a


Is Gorgon a Ant ? NO
Is Gorgon a Spider ? NOOOO

we all was wrong but it is the fact…
The Fact is…

Gorgon is a giant Chicken Monster whit deformed legs

This is a Chicken

This is Gorgon the Chicken

( just remove the 4 Arms )

i dont know why but she kinda reminds me of a kind of bird on this screenshot xD

And Nope this is not a Azmi Thread :stuck_out_tongue:


LMAO I completely see it!

Although is that a stuck position? A glitch/bug or just a well timed attack picture?


That pose is just begging to become a meme.


I can already see one

Gorgon: High 20!


stuck position :stuck_out_tongue:


I have noticed that the footprint really reminds me of a bird. Not the print I would expect from a bug monster.


I had to do a double-take just to be certain.


Ayeet… enough internet for me. S’ 3am over here fer goodness sake.



So this is the evolution of chickens? Get me a ticket on the nope train cause


Demonic alien chicken from space


T6 Monster confirmed



who decided to steal kraids color pallete and give hime a derpy face