My Website for Evolve

I just made a Goliath tip page, anybody want to be a critic today??

My website is made for brand new players looking to be great at a monster, or a decent monster looking for some good tips.


If you ever want/need a contributor, let me know.


Ewww Wordpress.

As a webdeveloper, I am disappointed now.
And the Canard Theme? Cmon mang.


Hey, perhaps you could help meh XD


Despite my claims of disliking Wordpress after having now tried a few different systems, I am definitely still the self-proclaimed king of Wordpress.

No but seriously yes, if you ever need help with that website or have a specific question just let me know. The Wordpress support forums or Stack Overflow (for coding questions) are sometimes slow when it comes to getting help.


What free theme would you suggest?
I’m a broke ass dude, don’t have the money to waste on a website that isn’t professional.



Aye, the #1 rule is to never waste money on addons or themes that were created for a system that’s free to use.
Or you can always just go the pirate way and crack them. Harharhar.

The theme of course depends on just how much and what type of content you intend to place.
This one looks nice imo for the kind of game tutorial style blog and I’m sure you can customize it fairly well to turn the yellow areas or blue buttons to red so it fits Evolve’s style nicely.
This type of theme does however kinda require you to have decent sized thumbnails available for each post you make and will probably not suit your needs straight out of the box, ergo will need some customization from the start.

You could also use this one:

And customize the crap out of it (pretty easy to do) so that it no longer looks like some kind of Instagram feed.
Definitely effective if you intend to post lots of content but don’t want to limit the homepage to either only a few recent posts or lots of scrolling.
I haven’t used it recently myself. The download page says it’s outdated but Wordpress does compatibility fairly well and it’s still downloaded very often and of course the demo page seems to be functioning just fine as well.

Here’s one that might seem silly at first, but I think it can look great if you - again - are willing to spend some time making a good thumbnail for each post you write.

Then there’s this one, in case you’re considering adding gameplay footage to your tutorial posts in the future.

(While still frequently updated, the author seems to have stopped bothering with his demo page which is a shame because this theme really deserves some credit. I’ve tried this theme a while ago and it looked really nice. I was also able to both host the video files on the same server or just embed YouTube links to prevent server overload.)

Edit: Found a demo for the above theme.
The listed videos are hosted in different ways, such as hosting the file or embedding a video player such as YouTube or Vimeo.
My fear with it is that only the self-hosted video page seems to work. Either that means the other linked videos no longer exist or something changed in the theme’s functionality. I can try the theme out offline and stresstest it a bit if you’re interested in this one.