My unlocked characters disappeared

I unlocked all the characters and have trophy “collect them all” but after restarting my ps4 I got only all tier 1 and tier 2 hunters and all 3 monsters where did my tier 3 hunters go ?

Did you try playing a match? This usually unlocks everything again.

I had them already unlocked now should i play all the characters again and gain theor masteries to get them again ? Oh and the achievement still remains though i havnet got tier 3 unlocked

Hmm, did you purchase tier 4 and if you did are they locked?

No I haven’t purchased tier 4 is also locked

Oh ok, did it also reset character perks, did you have 3 star perks?

Also what system are you on?

I’m on ps4 and i yes now all of my perks are under 3 either 2stars or 1 star

You could submit a ticket, but the time expended on that is equal to time it would take to unlock everything. Perks have to do with your level so all you would have to do is grind solo or play skirmish. Sorry this happened to you, it happens to me too, just usually fixes itself.

Okay :frowning: too bad that game is so good and gets destroyed by bugs

Not destroyed, more hindered by bugs. Again sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you stick around. Evolve loves people and I’m on ps4 so I love hunters to eat. :smile:

:joy::joy::joy: thats funny because i usually play as a monster

Only DLC ive got is behemoth and Im super looking forward for 5th spider-monster not really interested in hunter dlc cuz i dont play them at all i unlocked tr2 and tr3 just for a trophy

Ah, me too hate hunter love monsters. We’re mates. Haha :laughing: monster buddies 4 lyfe :smile: