My ultimate monster killing team vs any monster


My fallen angel of a Trapper

The most badass Support ever, look at the flowers Sunny.

Deadly Assault

Can’t put no gory pictures here you guys.

Meanwhile me as the Medic


Goliath and the horrid monster(s) played by @shin, @MidnightRoses, @XkrSkorpion and @SledgePainter. @Macman can join in too if he likes.

Do we even stand a chance against them and all of sheer?



Your assault looks a bit like sunny


I’m sorry who?


How does she look like Sunny, is it because they’re OP and EZ mode?


I call Wraith.


They both have dark brown hair in dreadlocks, have thin eyebrows and are wearing tank-tops with straps over them. Just put zombie girls bandanna up a bit and you got sunny


Then I shall replace her with Alice.
She has the ability to make clones of herself and one kick kill any monster that stands in her way.

plus she comes in red.


Not really a complaint, just noticed it and had to mention it


Nah I think it’s cooler with Alice, I don’t have to compete over Michonne for CC from Daryl. IYKWIM


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Female Assault next please!


Carol! Yas.


Now that would be badass!


A new assalt called Lady GaGa which can shot grammys. And trapper called kardashian, who dome the monster with big fatty ass. Both them can duo any monster.


huh, that’s dark. :open_mouth:


and the monster can be a grammy stealing Katy Perry


No. She is next female assault.


RuPaul should be the next assault.


That’s hot.


ikr 30char