My two main problems with Evolve

1st: Messing up your role
2nd: Kraken

We win some we lose some. My complaint is when someone is playing their role sloppy. Medic please priotize healing. I understand you want to get some damage in but please just make sure your team is healthy. Trapper focus on finding, trapping, and slowing the monster down. I understand lower level players who aren’t trained in trapper much may have trouble. Thats absolutely fine but focus on your job even if you are bad at it.
Assault your role is the easiest. Add as much dps as you can on the monster. There’s more to learn but that’s the primary. Lastly support. I’ve seen this role used so incorrectly. If you have shields, shield the team. Cloak hurt allies or when you have taken agro. Dust tag if Daisy is sniffing. Lay your sentries if monster is body camping! As I mentioned before I don’t mind if a player is bad. We learn. The thing is I see people messing roles up for selfish reasons.

Now for the Kraken. Its a game of patience with the Kraken. My issue is his flight time and pounce. I don’t even mind his damage tho aftershock radius is ridiculous. I met one Kraken who didn’t touch the ground in arena mode. The problem is when the team is Abe + Cabot + Parnell + Lazarus it’s unfair. I personality feel like all hunters should have ways of getting to each monster and with his flight time it’s kind of tickling him hoping time wins in our favor. Now for his pounce. I’ve been pounced on mid air and pounced when I had a good distance from pounce radius. He literally pulled me in. My issue with that is how much it is abused.

Also stealth pounce on last hunter in arena mode. I know sometimes you don’t have the health to do anything risky but besides that it’s a tactic that I just don’t enjoy. Ends the match very unclimatic.

I agree on the 1st point for the most part (except that finding monster is trapper’s job, because it’s actually everyone’s), but you can’t really get your expectations so high when playing with random casual players. Add decent players to your friend list and group up.

Agreed on 2nd point too. Aftershock radius is a complete bs. His auto attacks also shouldn’t allow him to body camp from 1000 miles away. No other monster can do that, Kraken shouldn’t be allowed to either.


Point taken. However it was also taken the last time this type of thread was posted.

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I hate stealth pounce on last hunter, I agree. maybe if the monsters health is at a certain point he shouldn’t be able to pounce if it’s only 1 hunter standing, this could allow for a battle.

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