My trapper thinks Abe is terrible


I’ve seen a lot of great Abe gameplay, and I think he looks like a great Trapper. He doesn’t have a good way of finding the monster early in the game, but once the monster is found, it’s pretty much perpetually tagged.

My question is, how can I/should I convince my trapper player to play him periodically? What are good strategies for him? Who pairs well with him? If you were to talk to my trapper about Abe, what would you say?


You shouldn’t convince anyone to play anything, if your trapper doesn’t enjoy abe, let him play griffin or maggie, his choice.


maggie is good at finding a stealthed monster and her traps are super usefull
griffin is good at not letting the monster run away and can deny some attacks of goliath
abe is just good at tracking which good trappers are already good at… he is also pretty weak at aggroing the monster because he cant stop any of his abilitys. he only really hinders kraken


Depends on your trapper buddy? Do they like curse words? If so show them abes line when they win a round “you messed with the wrong mother fucker, mother fucker”. Do they like pissing wraith players off? That dart is the bane of all sneaky monsters. I love tracking wraiths with abe and caira and just use the speed boost to keep up when the dart is about to run out or they get too far. Do they hate those flying krakens? Those stasis are really annoying to them more so than maggies traps cus he can throw them alot farther. His shotgun does the most damage out of the trappers guns too.


You should find a smart trapper then.


He is entitled to play whatever he wants, however… if he thinks abe is bad he is wrong haha. Abe is more skill based in that you have to initially find the monster with no aids. Either wait untill he improves, or let him play a game with a good Abe on his team whilst he plays another role. Abe IMO is the best trapper by far, maggie is also very strong but I feel Abe is overall better once you get the hang on tracking yourself instead of relying on daisy. Griffin however, really isnt that great compared to the other 2 .

I would tell him this. Abe rely’s on skill and map knowledge to initially find the monster. If you are dealing with a sneaker just tag all wildlife in sight and spread out around the map, you will find him eventually.
Once you have a tag on him, stay on him and keep re-applying a tag. Keep checking the mini map and look for dead ends where you can cut him off. The dart is by far the best tool for chasing and getting domes on the monster. Once you have him domed, keep applying the dart every 20 secs or so, this means you will never loose track of the monster in the dome and is very helpful against wraith. Next make sure you are continuously spamming stasis grenades to slow the monster, these are extremely effective against all monsters, and whilst the monster is slowed, you can do damage with the shotgun which does pretty nice damage. Remember the grenades are more important than the shotgun, and the dart is more important than anything, even a dome. Because as long as you maintain a dart on him, you are not going to loose him.
Say for example you have found the monster but he is not darted, and you want to go for a dome but he might not be close enough, always dart first. If you miss the dome and he runs, you have lost him again, if you dart him, you can then stay on him until you can get a easy dome on him.

Hope some of this helps, but remember he doesn’t have to play abe if he likes the others, just make sure he knows what hes missing out on :wink:


I would beg to differ, kind sir. I consider myself a pretty good monster, and an even better Kraken, and I have yet to find a challenging Abe. Stasis Grenades getting you down (HAHAHHA SO PUNNY)? Boost up and airburst the shit out of there! Plus, as Kraken, it doesn’t really affect your abilities. You can easily sit there stasised and go to town on the Hunters with Banshee Mines and Vortexes.


My wording may not have been very good. I completely agree that everyone should play the characters that they like, but my trapper doesn’t want to play Abe just because he does in fact think that Abe is bad.

I haven’t played trapper very much, so I can’t really argue with him about it. But he’s hardly even ever tried Abe, and I think he may be missing out.

Thanks everyone for the tips though :smiley:


yeah i said it only hinders him ^^ not shuts him down…i find abe the least usefull trapper by far imo


If you’re in a premade group you should let your Trapper pick Griffin or Maggie, in my experience the tracking dart is made completely redundant by decent teammates.


That reminds me of this one time I fought an Abe as Kraken. He went off on his own and found me, put me in a some and threw a bunch of Stasis Grenades down. Well, we were on that one map that I can never remember the name of with that big pit right at the entrance with a Tyrant in it (I think it’s Fusion Plant) and he had caught me while I was backtracking. I Vortexed him, knocked him off the cliff, into the Tyrant, effectively killing him and setting me free.

Got to Stage 2, he tried the same technique, and I Vortexed him into a Crowbill, which messed him up pretty bad. One lightning strike later and he was gone. :smile: