My thoughts on the Wraith nerf, from a Wraith player


so if you are unaware, @MacMan just posted what could be the changes that we will see in the future. So here is the post in question :smile:

I absolutly agree on the warp traversal speed, the decoy changes and the warp blast nerf (which is awesome btw) that now makes it as a weapon and less of a transportation.

The only thing that I don’t agree is the Supernova duration decreased by 50%, I feel like it isn’t even OP as hunters can just full jet pack out of there, instead the cooldown should be increased and I feel that I would spam it way less.

But great work TRS on actually listening to the community

What do you guys think of this nerf???


I don’t think supernova is a problem if anything decoy damage should be reduced. Everything else looks good though!



Supernova isn’t the problem at all it’s just it’s “stealthyness”


but the patch note doesn’t change my stealth gameplay so

I guess I am happy either ways lol


I agree every other change is fine but the Supernova was unnecessary. The only thing they should have done with it was make it so the decoy can’t benefit from it.


I could agree with the supernova thing if they reduced the cooldown as well. Make it a short burst type of thing. Other than that, I’m glad for the changes, I hope Wraiths actually fight more now.


I agree, @evolv


Yep I’ve got no problem with the way supernova is now.


This is more or less what I hoped to see. I always thought they could make her more even just by changing things around a bit. Warp Blast is being neglected for anything other than a way to escape domes, while Decoy is being overused.

Traversal speed reduction… Can’t know how much of a handicap it will be til I see it, but this is what I was encouraging - if you wanna deal with how fast Wraith can move, you deal with how fast she can move directly.

Supernova change sounds okay; it could probably have been a little less (maybe 25% less duration, 25% smaller area of effect), but it will still work as a high burst damage dealer that will just need to be slightly more hit-and-run - as it was always intended.

As for Decoy, there were more elegant ways to handle it than this, but we’ll see how it works. The cooldown should probably only start after the stealth effect ends, since the problem is that it’s being spammed in a way that a 2-second delay won’t change. She already does blink into sight when you hit her, but it’s only for a couple frames not 0.5 seconds. Apparently they still haven’t made any direct changes to the interaction between Supernova & Decoy, which means it will still be spammed, but we’ll have to see how the other changes effect it.

Warp Blast changes sound good. Pretty much exactly what I had in mind as far as the AoE radius vs. range & damage.


I’m liking these ideas for warp and warp blast. Supernova seems like it might be good… though I would’ve wanted a range reduction but whatever.

Decoy - The cool down increase is nice. The other part seems pretty useless and it’s generally not the direction they should be taking decoy.


Waith decoy is getting nerfs in every release lmao. It’s going to have a 1 use per game cooldown, with 0% damage, you don’t turn invisible, you take 500% increased damage while Decoy is active, and you attract Hunter bullets like a magnet for 30 seconds after using Decoy.

Seriously though, 2 seconds was enough, now it doesn’t even stealth you properly.


He explained it well, if you manage to trap a hunter in supernova you could kill it even with shield involved, in one ability fire. They wanted no ability to be so good in the right hands that you didn’t have to combo, and I can see their point on that. If it ends up being too easily dodged I imagine we’ll see a radius or damage increase


I’m fine with the super nova nerf. No other monster has an ability that’s a guaranteed strike.


While you’re breaking through shields, yours are dropping. Wraith committing with a Supernova, kills her pretty fast. It’s going to be even more painful now. She has so little armor/health, committing like that isn’t always the best idea.


We’ll see, I don’t believe trs are going to release something that isn’t balanced, but some wraith players may need, like Cabot, to realign their play style


They will release it unbalanced, but they will balance it. They need us to test it for them after all.

Cabot will turn from using Rail Gun, to dropping it and using Damage Amp. With no damage, and slow rate of fire, it’s not going to be worth it. Damage Amp would be better. I say use Recharge perk, and do that instead. I don’t see myself using the weapon after this patch. But then again, I don’t main support. I say people who main the class, should share their views on it.


So true, the threads immediately after the notes were released asked for it to be restricted once per dome or once per 30 seconds minimum or to have it only run in one direction. Thank god macman said no because it already has the longest cooldown of any ability in game. They are progressively making stealth more and more useless. Removing the movement ability usage from the original was fine but now you light up like a candle when hit? Maybe if gun use required skill sure but with everyone and their mother having automatic weapons or huge spread shotguns? Absolutely nuts.


I think everything was on point except two things, I would have made the damage increase up 25% instead of the radius leveling up. Seems like that would be more beneficial although it’s fine as is too. I would definitely not have nerfed Supernova as harshly. I would’ve probably decreased duration by 25% and maybe slightly increase damage to really put emphasis on the hit n run gameplay she’s supposed to have.


That’s exactly why it was reduced in duration. They addressed this on stream yesterday: If you get knocked into a wall by a decoy or whatever and she Nova’s on top of you, you need a full jetpack to get out or you are dead. Not just incapped, it did enough damage over its duration she could outright down a shielded Hunter, incap and KILL them. They didn’t want that (for good reason) so they reduced it.


Simply not true.