My thoughts on the new T5

Judging by the T5 trailer; the monster is obviously some kind of spiderhuman hybrid

We already have Lennox

To me the Medic’s silhouette looks kind of robotic, or maybe a man/woman in a mech suit

The Support/Trapper don’t look very human (have you seen Support’s finger nails?!)

I’m thnking that the Support is some kind of Necromancer given it’s wearing a hood and has long fingernails which suggests it’s not 100% human. Being a Necromancer; it could utilize spells to buff teamates, I’m thinking two spells that act as Cabot’s Damage Amp, and Hank’s Sheild Generator, but to a are less effective due to having both buffs, maybe x1.5 damage to a single hunter’s weapon and 50-75% damage reduction to a single hunter. The spells can be ‘casted’ on a hunter meaning they can choose which hunter has the buff for a limited time, similar to Slim’s healing bug, but with reasonable range, and be able to fight at the same time.

The Trapper can be seen wielding two guns (probably pistols) and two swords on it’s back. I’m not sure how it’s role as a trapper will work to hunt the monster. The horns on his head suggests that it’s also not human or it could be some sort of helmet (the horns don’t stick up enough to be a viking helmet)

The Medic’s silhouette doesn’t give you a lot of clues apart from something that’s hovering just above it’s right arm, so I’m not sure how that one will play out either.

If you have any suggestions (or inside info) on any of the hunters feel free to share your thoughts.

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