My thoughts on T1 adaptations


So now that I’ve given all of the adaptations time to settle in and test them I believe I can make a good opinion on them. BTW, I love the idea of adaptations, keep it up!

Blitz Markov
I like him far more than the regular Markov(the only assault I never bothered to elite) His burst damage is incredible especially with Cabot on your team. I occasionally encounter the lighting gun randomly breaking it’s connection, but this could be due to the fact that it’s lock on angle is incredibly narrow. I feel that he may have made Lennox an even less viable choice however due to the similar attack style only vastly superior numbers if played right. His assault rifle is good where it’s at and his mines are decent.

Rogue Val
She is ok, I think she is the best choice for new players since she has a passive aoe heal, her poison gun is nice and it feels like I’m contributing to damage now, same with her semi auto sniper. I play as her and EMET when I’m medic usually, since I’m a pretty lackluster medic.

Tech Hank
I love the idea but I think he could use some love. His laser cutter is largely unchanged but looks more purdy. I love his giant laser beam of doom since it punishes focusing versus area denial basically. His shield charger though…I feel it should be buffed somehow since it doesn’t take much to bring the shield down and it takes AGES to give a full shield, I think it’s something like 30 seconds or close to. Maybe buff how fast the shield fills or make reload time shorter. I like him a ton though.

Wasteland “Mad Magz” Maggie
I think she is easily the best out of the adaptations so far, as a person who mains Trapper she has quickly been climbing the ranks as my favorite trapper, she is tied with Jack. Her machine pistol is nice but could maybe have a sound fix since I think I hear it fire 3 times versus 2, maybe I’m just crazy. Having one harpoon is an interesting choice since while you won’t have as much CC you will be able to be more active in the fight with the ridiculously strong burst pistol. Daisy is cool with a flamethrower but her ai MUST be updated to keep her viable. Maybe a slight hp boost wouldn’t hurt either. The damage on the harpoon is small but I’m okay with that considering it still hasn’t failed me when it comes to be helpful.

Meteor Goliath
I don’t do monster much but when I do, it’s the Meteor Goliath. His mobility is insanely good and his DOT his very strong. Most of the issues I have with him translate from the OG as well. PRO TIP: If you want a challenge, fight the bot Meteor Goliath. I dare you.

Anyways, this wasn’t meant to be anything in depth but just muh thoughts. What are yours?

How do you feel about the Adaptations [Poll]
How do you feel about the Adaptations [Poll]

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