My thoughts on Kala (Not OP)


I was alot like everyone else when Kala was released. I thought for a fact she was OP. While her kit is definitely impressive and she us definitely one of the stronger supports after playing her my opinion of her has changed.

Her siren missiles have terrible range. So when you see the monster across the map you can’t fire at him. It requires alot more planning and strategy. They are also very slow moving. They make quick work of wikdlife though and deals moderate damage to the monster

Her teleport really is situation. It’s easily destroyed and takes a few second to activate. I assumed you could just throw it in front of you when your being chased but that’s not the case. You’ll be lucky to even use it at all. It takes very good communication to pull off.

Her armor reducer. While VERY beneficial and very scary if you’re monster is very situational. And its useless when they’re isn’t any armor. The most you’ll be doing is firing sirens. And hoping it doesn’t come to you actually having to use your teleporter.

Overall I think she’s pretty balanced. WHat Does THE Community Think?

Kala's Balance Discussion

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Kala's Balance Discussion