My Thoughts On Gelectro


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Of course he’s going to revolve around Lightning and what the means to me is Lightning Damage

Lightning SMG: I think this is going to be like Waggie’s Burst Pistol as hers does Fire damage. Gelectro’s will do Lightning Damage and who knows maybe chain shock

  • Less ammo

Lightning Spikes: A cool idea would be if a storm is made above the Spike and if the Monster is in the radius they will be Lightning Striked.

  • Able to only place one

Tesla Harpoon: As long as the Harpoon is on the Monster is will deal continuous lightning damage.

  • Increased Reload Speed.

Those are my thoughts at least :stuck_out_tongue:

Electro Griffin and the Ninjas of Neo Tokyo?
Electro Griffin and the Ninjas of Neo Tokyo?

I want this movie to be a thing…


Quick question…What’s wrong with the background?


Not really sure where to post this so…yeah.

Saw it earlier today on an Evolve Xbox One Community facebook page. Looks legit in a cheesy-80s movie way. Hype?


Just saw this on the Evolve Xbox One facebook community. Looks pretty epic!

I also don’t see how a world-famous planet tamer ends up in an action movie about cyber-ninjas…


Well, it’s not our Griffin by the looks of it, it’s Roger Brown! That con artist!


Hahaha… this looks ridiculous. I love it. :smile:

Wonder what the magic lightning words say?

Probably nothing important, but it was an interesting thing I noticed.


Didn’t Griffin have people act in his place for some of his movies?

Electro Griffin Coming Soon!

Yes there was, and he hated them :stuck_out_tongue:


This was the closest I could find, but I have no idea with kanji. I’m pretty sure I got 1, 2, and 4 right, but I had to split 3 into three parts.

搶 = thrust, poke, come together, assemble

る = exile/absence

一 = one
〆 = tie off
丶 = radical

聖 = Sacred, Holy, Pure

If anybody knows kanji, please correct me, because I have about 0% confidence.


Sounds like that’s his new harpoon. Sounds badass


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What streets are these? Sounds dangerous





###Ninja’s of Neo Tokyo?!?!?!


Griffin Hallsey has never been in a movie, he’s not an actor. But he’s famous, so people can legally make movies about him without his permission, which they do. They also don’t have to pay him.

So this skin is a pretty meta joke, in that it is the REAL Griffin Hallsey (who is a fictional character) Cosplaying as the fictional Griffin Hallsey (played by Roger Brown).

Next Adaptations

Can you call it cosplaying if all the equipment actually works and he’s actually going to be slaying monsters?

It just doesn’t feel right you know?


Who’s Roger Brown? Can we eventually see him? Can he eventually be a hunter part of tier 6?


I think it’s not cosplay if you’re actually an actor in costume for your character. Like, Tom Hiddleston isn’t cosplaying Loki when he’s filming Thor.

Whereas this is Griffin pretending to be a character from a movie!