My thoughts on Evolve, plus message to Turtle rock on DLC


Personally I love evolve, great gameplay, graphics, modes and the characters and monsters are all fun to play. the evacuation mission is a lot of fun with the various conditions that could be applied to the next mission is very impressive, its something I WANT to see in other games. failure doesn’t result in a “game over” it results in “now you have to live with the consequences.” This is probably the only time I can sort of forgive the “campaign” being so short. . . let alone 1 HOUR.

Hunt mode is a pretty intense mode when all players (hunters and monsters) know what they are doing and when you face the monster at stage 2 or higher it gets to be a real ordeal and can be pretty epic. The reverse is also true. when you are trying to evolve and you see the enemy team (and daisy) right on your tail it gets to be a challenge and puzzle to figure out how to get them to loose track of you so you get time to evolve.

I do recommend the game and I will defend it as a worth while game. . . maybe at sale price though. I’m still glade I got myself and a friend a copy.


the following is INEXCUSABLE. (turtle rock, PAY ATTENTION HERE.)

The amount of dlc, the price its sold for, and the fact it was all DAY ONE is just wrong. They should have realized that day one dlc has never been a popular idea. no one ever said “hey, I paid $60 for this, I think I’ll pay an extra 20 for access to this mission to!” What they should have done instead was include these skins in the game for free and this would create a whole new layer of progression. players see the awesome skins they could unlock and it gives them something more to work towards to stand out. but nope, its either the elite skin or none. Not even some armor pieces to change your shape or design, just fixed characters and skins for their weapons, not even the hunter themselves.

The dlc that is available now should have been free. it would have added so much more to the games longevity.
then $15 for a single monster? is there anything else that we get along with to be worth it?
You know what else we get in a $15 dlc pack? The shivering isles (elder scrolls 4 oblivion.) for $15 or $20 you get a whole new map to explore, new quests, weapons and armor, perks, abilities and enough content that it could very well have been made its own game (if priced cheaply maybe.) adding one monster for $15 would be like the Dragonborn expansion adding only ONE dragon to the whole game and nothing else for $20. would that seem worth it? I wouldn’t think so, especially when on the steam workshop people make their own dragons which people can download for FREE.

Turtle rock, when you release your dlc it needs to be more substantial then what it is for the price you have announced. Maybe if the first monster pack included one monster, one hunter for each class, and a new game mode and/or maps!

Take a look at your downloads. chances are very few people have purchased the skins. many comments imply that most people are not even getting the GAME because of the business model you are going with for the dlc. if you just fix this then it will save you a lot of trouble in the long run and might even improve sales dramatically!

Please listen to what I said above and fix this or this game will just disappear pretty soon from disinterest and this game does NOT deserve that.


I second this.

I love this game, let me get that out of the way too.

Please Turtle Rock, add some skins as achievement unlocks. Don’t stock your Store with overpriced color swaps of the monsters.


If the community speaks out enough, it just might happen! Achievement unlocks to let people know “I did something awesome” would be exciting!


guess what? I just found out the preorder stuff is DRM. WOW i thought 2k could go no lower.


While I do think it’s fine to have some DLC skins, even if they are overpriced, I agree that there should be others toher than just the elite skins to unlock via progression, and agree we need to get some more added. Lets try and get this topic big so they are aware!


This topic has been brought up before, but yeah I very much agree. The fact that those cool skins are locked away at 3$ each is absurd. Why not just put them in the game as unlocks like other reasonable games? People paid $100 for this game and they are selling about $50 worth of skins in the store.

It’s like they don’t want people to buy the game I swear.


3$? Dont you mean 7?


For a single monster skin it’s 3$

The 7$ is the ‘oh wow such a great deal for the bundle’.


i dont even see the option for that bro


You need to direct this to 2K, not Turtle Rock.
Turtle Rock make the game, work on producing new content such as hunters, monsters, maps and modes.

2K decide on the pricing model, how and when to release, what will be DLC and what will be free, how much it will cost, whether there are bundles or not.

Perhaps post it over on the 2K Evolve forum;


this is exactly the argument of my side: nickel and dime gamers. it’s sad 2k and TRS decided that this would be a great way to sell of parts of the game!

again, like Robb said, if all the parts were complete, we would have “Put it in the box.” however, since it’s not, we’re gonna sell the shit-outta-of-it!


Here they are, notice the tabs at the top.

Guys, remember that TRS are the awesome people making the game, it’s 2k that wants to rob gamers.


I mentioned in another topic that I thought some additional/alternate abilities for the monsters could be interesting. Or different animations for attacks, like blue fire for Goliath or a “static” effect for Kraken, etc. I know those sound silly but some people like that kind of miscellaneous customization crap. (Like me) :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll pay 7$ for a unique animation but I’m not dumb enough to pay 7$ to make my Goliath green is what I’m trying to say, lol.


so the Tabs On Top show future Nickel and Diming Schemes???


$7 makes your Goliath, Kraken and Wraith green, or $3 makes your Goliath green alone.


Pretty much, I’d bet my life that they will be introducing more paid DLC skins.

Meanwhile the Steam reviews are sitting at 64% positive, way to go 2K, you are making Evolve look fantastic.


I know, I was just trying to say I’d personally pay money for worthwhile DLC, just the skins being priced so high seems silly.


thats not on psn at all


Look through the different tabs. for some reason “all” does not actually show you “all” the dlc.


Check this out: right now, the people at Gearbox are celebrating that TRS took their place…

with Aliens CM the Pre Order people got: GEARBOXED!

NOW… people are getting…TRS’d; or, nickeled and dimed…

PS. Kool-Aid drinkers, please, I’m just joking…