My thoughts on changes needed

  1. Evacuation map/mode picking
    Issues-This needs to be even. Right now with 4 hunter votes vs 1 monster vote the hunters will always be able to pick a hunter-favoring mode (pretending modes don’t favor one or the other is silly)

-Suggestion: Alternate between monster selection and hunter vote selection. Not a tally vote system or the monster will always have the short end of the stick. So 2 monster picks and 2 hunter picks will always occur.

  1. HUD/map system
    Issues- Having the map up eliminates many of the on screen signaling and icons. I really dislike that feature. As a griffin player I have the map up to watch for spike triggers but I also want on screen pings, on screen tags and all that stuff. They should either be options or just always remain both on screen and map.

  2. Lazurus
    Issues-As a monster it is frustrating to eat a body 75% of the way and it still be resurrected. Lets be honest here that is absolute nonsense and it needs to be fixed. I’m spending time in battle to eat a body to counter laz, to be stopped with a drop of munchbar left and then the guy get rezzed is ludicrous.

Buff Lazarus’ healing abilities, increase cooldown to match other medics.

Full death resurrection needs to have a limit. 1 per character per drop or something of that nature but having it endless penalty free with a pro laz never in combat or waiting outside the dome is annoying. When I’ve trashed the entire team 10 times over I just begin to get annoyed. Either remove the lack of down penalty or limit the full death resurrections.

  1. Monster evac bonuses

Issue-These need to be reworked and redone. Many of the bonuses a monster receives for winning are extremely lackluster when compared with the amazing hunter bonuses. 1 minion that can be killed in about 20 seconds doesn’t even compare to cutting off a large portion of the map with forcefields, or having multiple turrets everywhere or constant tracking by a ship in the sky. And the minion is one of the strongest rewards a monster has. Most of the others are even more awful like the plants and fish, completely obvious and avoidable.


Laz is fine, get gooder at fighting him and it’ll stop being a problem.

The minimap toggle is a single button press, surely that’s not asking too much.

As for Evac, yeah, it’s a bit imbalanced, but that’s sorta the deal with it. You play regular matchmaking for serial play, you play evac for funsies.


Kill Lazarus first. That’s how you counter him.


You don’t get it. Using the map is not a problem. Its the fact that if I want to have the map up always, all on screen signs and tags no longer show. I want to have both.