My thoughts and suggestions for Stage 2



Good day everyone :slight_smile: Its not like I am always active on any forums but i thought on this occasion i wanted to give my feedback for the game from discussions with my friends. I followed the game since announcement and although i dont have 2k hours put in the game like some i consider myself to be decently experienced. I am happy this game gets a second chance although i expected it to go f2p like a year earlier and i wish TRS good luck in the long-run no matter how it goes.

First thing i wanted to talk about has been discussed several times recently but i still would like to elaborate on it.

I perfectly understand the current shift to a more short matches for the enjoyment of F2P players and the more early game meta of the monster. And i would say that i both like it and dont. On one hand the monster now gets more chance to survive if he is getting outlegged and caught early.(which he usually is, its a very rare occasion to evolve to stage 3 or even stage 2 without fighting hunters).

But as many people have said, the consequence of this shift is the loss of the hide&seek gameplay present before. Although there is a lot less frustration to run after the monster as a hunter at the same time monster has to be on the move constantly rendering most of the stealth mechanics useless. There would be several ways to change this such as tweaking the trapers scan or tweaking to dome properties.

There was a certain amout of skill to making the hunters follow the wrong tracks and dodging them, but now it is nearly impossible as you get scanned constantly and at higher level play in ranked sneaking is not an option at all. Also the fact that the dome placement message appears automaticaly when a player is close to you while you are obstructed wtih bushes. I had several instances when i hid behind a corner in a bush and a player has triggered the dome while passing me without realising i was in the bush.

So it would be nice to maybe have a longer cooldown on the scanner or to have some tweak to the way it shows you where the monster are(for example allow only the trapper to see the compass as when advanced players with good communication spread they can pinpoint monsters location as they all have the compass shown). And on the other hand the scanner practically makes some hunters progressively better than the others since things such as sound spikes for example or the trapjaw are not that usefull compared for example to Abes Dart+Grenades (as well as a higher DPS with the shotgun).

Another way of changing the stealth gameplay would be to give monster a chance to escape the dome when its placed like he could before as that was always a good accomplishment since it game the moster several valuable secconds with hunters trapped behind. Because when everyone can place a dome without exactly seeing the monster with the dome being placed a lot further than before with no chance to get out before it closes.

Another not too hard to implement but VERY important IMO feature would be a better representation of character stats. As a mainly monster player the build is very important but the problem is that the game has none statistical info either about damage, HP, cooldowns or anything. Why make players go to external sources to find how much a skill hurts or how much HP a monster has?

I understand that overwhelming new players with numbers might not be good but when it comes to more thought out play it would be nice to have an Advanced option for example or a separate menu in the character profile which would represent the numbers of what range a rock throw has or how much a “+33% cooldown” actually impact the skill. I strongly belive that you intend for this game to be competitive so such things should come in as a necessity like in any MOBA game for example.

I want to know exactly how my character performs to be able to create my builds wisely without spending keys on perks which might be not that impactful because i didnt know the numbers. I think its not that hard to make and everyone will benefit from it. Of course it might be somewhat confusing at first but every competitive game has a learning curve with such skillbased character games in terms of learning game mechanics, metrics and hero stats.

Another concern would be that overall there are hunters which are in many cases absolutely better than others from their class and some being completely inferior to others. So i think some of them should be reworked to make them more viable.

For example Lazarus that was this kind of a late game medic who could sustain the team in the long matches now for me comes as the most useless medic out of all of them as with the increased monster damage potential and the least healing among all medics he comes as almost a sign of a doomed game for me. Any above average monster can keep track of downed hunters and dont let him revive them from invisibility.(Also i would like to note that there should be a better indication of the glove mechanic which doesnt place a health penalty from glove revives as 90% of the new Lazarus players tend to use E to revive instead of reviving with a glove when out of combat which renders his most prominent advantage useless).

Also as for the Medics i kind of dont get how Slims anti-smell spray becomes usefull at any point as even when he domes me with it i can clearly see player health even through obstacles as a monster which kind of renders one of his skill as questionably usefull.

Lastly, i would actually like to talk about how monsters become so much more harder to play in ranked and high level play with all these new mechanics like the scanner. Although the inflow of new players repeats the situation that happened in the Beta where people would ask to nerf monsters and then when the players learn how to play the game the nerf come in making the monsters underpowered.

The thing is that a hunter team which knows their roles and heroes has nearly NO CHANCE to lose against any monster especially with all these new skills which allow them to catch monster more frequently and not let him feast calmly. And the latest patch had all the monsters nerfed a little with decrease in HP all across the board and cooldown reductions. High level monster play is already a hell as most teams consist of Rouge Val, Tech Hank/Sunny, Griffin and Lennox/Hyde and perform outstanding against every monster in almost any situation.

Even though people whine about the Wraith but in reallity every monster is very easy to counter if your team communicates and knows how the monster works. You can ofc consider this to be a whine from myself but i find that having each game being hard as nails for the monster is not the most pleasant experience as even though i have 90% winrate overall its not too pleasant to have to absolutely sweat every game in ranked versus nearly the same hunter pick. Although i would actually like for some kind of BAN system in ranked to happen simillar to what MOBA games have.

So for example the monster can ban 2 or so hunters while hunters can vote to ban 1-2 monsters. Although the fact that you need to buy characters and that monster players are generally maining one monster comes against that suggestion.

One thing that comes to question is all the cut content such as modes and maps but i guess you are focusing on the core experience first so i hope to see stuff comming back as the game progresses. One question i have is why bother having map rotations? Its not like they are so vast of mechanically different or hard to remember. Because the variety is kind of lacking with only 4 maps right now and I also wonder when do we get new map rotation as the Hunters and Monster have already changed.

Overall i think this game is going in the right direction and i wish TRS good luck and hope that we can shape this game into what it truly deserved to be from the start. I would happily listen to your thought on my feedback and discuss them further :slight_smile: Thank you for bothering to read :smiley:


I hope you don’t mind, I just broke your post up a bit into more paragraphs to make it a bit easier to read :slight_smile: It’s great you took the time to write all this out.


Thanks a lot, man :slight_smile: Post formating was always the bane of my forum existence haha