My thought s on why i think the arena should maybe be either 1.5 or 2 seconds for the deployment

wether or not the monster can fight at stage 1 is irrelevant because if the hunters aren t complete idiots you don t win, or a full gold premade team, that s a fact and that s all there is to it , whether i take three lvl 1 abilities, or a one-two combo or just one lvl 3, it s not an excuse to just put the arena on a one second delay (which from the games i ve played total crap because even if i m at the border of it and move it s under 1sec) now you can only count on the trappers mistake if you want to avoid stage 1 figths, which should not be the case because their will always be this game where you get caught almost under a minute and you have 50% and on a disavantageous spot, if you re gonna cut the deploy time make it 1.5 or 2secs, 1 second is way overkill and too snappy and i personnally think the only skill that s respectable now is if the trapper took a good route to cut the monster off because now where is the skill one just deploying the arena when the monster is 15M from the border, whether he has a leap, leap smash, rolling, dashing in the air or warping it doesn t make a difference he s gonna get caught and that s it (and of course if you re behemoth too bad you can t escape no matter what you try)

Taking away dome sound was bad enough now 1 second is terrible.

Its broken, unbalanced, and not fun. It needs fixing ASAP.

For me and my friends, who all play both hunter and monster, it’s made the game more fun and less stressful, which is what they were going for.

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what is “fun” about fighting a fight you can t win ?? what is fun about not having any possible way of dealing with an instant dome ? “less stressfull” ?? it s more stressfull for the monster if he can t win, it s more streqssfull becaus e you have no way to deal with it, it s more stressfull and not fun to lose because it s not fair to play against, i don t know what the hell you re talking about

The majority of people I know are actually doing good as monster right now. I like the fact that there are more fights and that I can mitigate some damage at stage one or even get a strike.
Just because I got domed stage one doesn’t spell my doom anymore, and as trapper I feel less stressed because I can land domes easier.

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they only made trapper s life easier, whether the monsters DOES more damage or not DOESN T MATTER against a good team, and fighting a good team at your weakest form IS NOT fun, and the fact that i can fight does n t mean i want to fight, especially against characters that i hate to play against

Fighting a good team eh? Well then lower your standards. You aren’t good enough to fight that “good team”. Trust me there are plenty of skill levels in this game, once you get better as a monster you can try fighting “good teams” again.
This patch changed the game and people will have to change with it to remain good.

i m sorry but if want to climb the ladder i need to fight against a team of silver3s or 4s, because i m not in the mood to win games against bronze and unranked teams just to gain 1 point, and there is a clear difference between bronze players and sliver3s and 4s,and if i want to up my odds i want to fight at stage 2, at stage 1 you don t tank enough to fight a prolonged fight and you don t do enough damage fast enough, i only ever try when i see that the team i m up against does nt have shields to negate my stage 1 damage

Especially when you get outplayed. Hard to deal damage.

If anything, at most, I would make it 1.5 seconds. That’s it though.

yeah, at least if in game it gives a big enough window to escape

1.5 would. If you’re at the edge of the dome I would think. That would stop that hitting the invisible wall.

i agree and man those wall piss me off

It’s actually not supposed to be there. It should be a wall, @MacMan has stated that the graphics were overlooked for that and will be added. And perhaps this should be suggestions instead of trapper? Your call.