My theory on why Gorgon has the highest WLR


I was playing Monster tonight when it suddenly struck me. I’m Silver Expert and came across another all Bronze Hunter team. “Ok, I guess I’ll play Gorgon since I’m not too worried about losing to these guys”

Then it suddenly occurred to me that Gorgon has one of my best WLR of my monsters but I don’t think I’m very good with Gorgon yet. I certainly wouldn’t play Gorgon against a good team. I only play Gorgon when I feel like I’m going to roll them since its still a practice monster to me. If I am thinking that way then other players are probably also thinking that way. High level Hunters don’t seem to be complaining that Gorgon is OP, and monster players don’t feel like its OP either. I think most also feel that Gorgon isn’t ready for competitive play yet.

Are other monster players only taking their Gorgon out when they feel they outmatch the other team? It sucks to lose a lot of points because you are learning a new monster against an experienced team, so you break out the practice monster vs an over matched team right? That’s the way I do it, others probably do that too resulting in Gorgon having a high WLR.


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Pubs can’t deal with Gorgon because they’re uncoordinated.

Pre made teams squash her like a bug.


What Katt said, Gorgon capatalizes on weak uncoordinated teams. Example pubs


Also I’m certain there are more randoms to squash, then there are pre-mades that do the squashing.


Pretto much spot on. However i have began to take on premades lately and not doing too bad. Just takes some intelligent monstering, which I’m only so-so at. I have won against some and others i have lost by a smidge. used to i felt like i never stood a chance. Now I’m confident that i can make them work for it everytime.



I tend to go “easy” on people in low silver or bronze. If I went Kraken or Goliath it would be quite one-sided. I go wraith often, but I’ve gotten much better with her (mostly thanks to traversal bug being fixed). I would certainly be more inclined to taking Gorgon against such a team. I suck with Gorgon, so it would be more of a fair fight. I’ve actually lost to bronze randoms as a Gorgon (which led to the Original Trio’s great pubstomping [Bronze/Silv/DR] of Oct’15)


I think you are onto something. But as said above, Gorgons high WLR comes from other reasons. But I think this behaviour is the reason why Kraken has such a low WLR because the good Krakens go easy on Bronze/low Silver (playing anothe monster) thus the telemetry comes majorly from the high level where Monsters in general are a little weak and the low level where Kraken is hard to learn and play effectivly.
I made a poll a few weeks ago but it was not really enough to verify this hypothesis.


Gorgon’s winrate is so high because people are inexperienced and need to learn to play against her, and no, I don’t use the term “learn to play” as a “git gud” term, I use it genuinely. Some people aren’t ready to fight her properly, specifically, random pub groups.


Do you have any strategies against premades?


Unfortunately, I have yet to play Gorgon. However, I’ve seen a lot of videos of her, and yet I still can’t come up with any plan to deal with pre mades…


Yeah any time I’ve fought good teams useing gorgon I get stomped pretty badly. So I do use her mainly against lower ranked people. Acid is very weak if they don’t stand in it and good players won’t. Mimic dies in seconds and blast radius is horrid. Web is decent but it’s not a main damage dealer ability. Spider trap is nice but does die fairly often if they watch for it.


The only time Mimic is useful against premades is when you can force a separation and Spider trap someone then blow them to hell. Otherwise the Web Snare and Acid Spit combo is your bet bet for doing damage. Mitigating and lots of running. Only way I have done it, but it only worked in Arena. I have lost more with Gorgon than I have won, so my advice may not be the best out there.


She’s bad against teams with heavy deployables. Like bucket markov Maggie, etc. She bad against them because her best ability to destroy them is acid spit. Web snare doest damage deployables sometimes. And mimic is also not very reliable in destroying deployables.

Now acid spit is one of gorgon main reliable damaging moves. And she really can’t afford to waste her acid spit ability. She’s not like goliath where he can use flamethrower to clear out almost all deployables. And still wreck hunters with flamethrower on cooldown.

She’s not built to brawl so it’s really hard to play against t teams that camp with a bunch of deployables.


Yes they ruin her ability to ambush as well.


Pubs keep jumping on her minion that’s why.


I do the exact same thing, and I think most people don’t even combo her correctly. They just acid spit, noobs sit in it for 5 seconds, then gg.