My theory on the Balance of the Big Guy


While I love Behemoth visually, I must admit gameplay wise he is a bit weak. The recent changes to rock wall made it awesome, I think that the main problem with Behemoth is his abilities that deal damage. Let me explain.

Goliath has two instantaneous abilities in fire breath and charge, and two abilities that require time to aim them, Leap Smash and Rock throw. This means that he can take the time to aim and hit someone, or instantly deal less damage.

Behemoth no instantaneous abilities, they all have huge charge times. For example, even though lava bomb does good damage it take so long for it to both cast and then hit the target that most hunters can easily avoid it. After the recent knockback changes, Tongue Grab seems to not work unless the target is standing still. Fissure is super easy to just side step.

I think the following changes should be made:

  • Lava Bomb has a reduced cast speed
  • Fissure has a base damage of it’s stage 2 version and instead of gaining damage from points, gains width. Or, base width is increased.
  • Tounge Grab has a better ‘lock on’.


I like it. Just need to be careful the Lava Bomb wind up doesn’t get reduced TOO much. Make it similar to rock throw. Or, maybe just increase its flight speed. It takes a while to windup and be ready to throw it, much like Rock Throw, but is much slower in the air.

Love the fissure idea.

Tongue Grab has suffered from the knockback nerf. Once they find a good way to limit stun blocking, this will be a good ability.