My Theory on how the Monsters


I have a theory on how the monsters currently live on Shear.
Note, this is not a theory on how they got here. This is just how they live on the planet.
Okay so let’s begin.
Many people believe that these monsters live in a hive mind. That they have a leader monster that controls everything. I think different. I think that these monsters work more like an army with squads and platoons within the squads. The monsters are clearly intelligent for they know how to use the environment to their advantage, know how to plan and when to attack and retreat.
So where am I going with this:? Remember how there are Goliath minions and then there are the Alpha monsters which can be any monster? I think that the eggs that are in nest mode are there for if they are hatched early to make the minions. These minions are similar to soldiers in a way. There are a lot of them and they all have basic knowledge and weapons. So what happens if the eggs get to the state of hatching? I believe these eggs are then turned into alpha monsters that are meant to lead the minions into battle and aid in spreading out into the rest of the planet. That being said, I think most of the 6 eggs are actually hatched early on purpose to give the new alpha some soldiers or even give the current Alpha some new ones. So what happens when these Alphas are hatched? I think the alpha that protected them gives them basic knowledge of fighting and what to do (protecting eggs, killing wildlife, etc.) and then send them off to learn everything else. I look to the tutorial mode for the monster where the player learns the basics of survival. That’s the Alpha learning to fight and survive. To be a leader. So why is the monster alone during most of the gamemodes? Here are my thoughts.
Hunt: This is the monster growing into a leader. He is growing to stage 3 so that he can then lead his minions. It just so happens that some humans are getting in the way.
Rescue: The alpha is probably answering to a more experienced (meaning higher in rank) monster alpha that is making the monster prove himself by attacking a human settlement. His goal is to kill all the humans in the area to prove himself. Don’t come back to the family until most of the humans have been killed.
Nest: This might be a leap in speculation but this may be a old/dying monster giving it’s life to insuring the survival of the species. The monster has spent most of its energy creating the eggs (meaning it went from stage 3 to 1 by making the eggs) and then needs to defend these eggs until one of them is ready to be a new alpha.
Defend: This is the peak of the Alpha’s life. They are a leader of a small army of minions that are tasked with destroying a potential threat to their way of living. They don’t know exactly what is happening, but they know it could harm them if left alone.
This is what I think the monster’s way of living is. These monster’s aren’t a hive mind under control of 1 monster, they are more of an army. Generals, infantry, etc. Each monster has it’s own rank in the social structure. Their purpose in life is to defend each other and spread out to new land.
So why are their different types of monsters? Why do you have different leaders in an army? They have their own way of fighting. Some generals are more conservative, ensuring they stay where they are. Other are more aggressive and attack the enemy more. The monsters probably put have a process that makes each type of monster the way they want it.
The monsters need to conquer more land? They get a new Goliath Alpha.
Do they need a monster that will defend the home base? Get a Kraken.
Need a monster to distract the threat until the rest of the monsters can get away? Get a Wraith.

What do you guys think? What holes are in my theory? What do you want to elabprate on? Am I just plain wrong? Please tell me!

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Not bad, I like it! Just a few thoughts.

  1. I’d never thought of the Kraken as the ‘defensive monster’, the more I think of it is an excellent choice as a deterrent. Goliath as a guard might not work because it could just be sniped from a while off, but the Kraken has long range and enough bulk, combined with Vortex, to keep people away from a base.

  2. That being said, I think Wraith doesn’t just fit in as the ‘distraction’. According to the developers, the Wraith is the latest and most advanced monster there is. So here’s my thoughts on the matter. Before the Wraith was revealed, the only mode we knew of was hunt, in which a single alpha takes on the hunters. Suddenly, after the reveal of the wraith, we see two or three monsters at once, and the ending cutscenes of defend show that the Alphas are outnumbering the ‘Betas’ by a great number. Now, recall that the Wraith was used by humans on wraith trap to create teleport zones that the monster could not enter, but if the monster wins they get ‘warp zones’. These are obviously unfinished due to it being a mistake by scientists, but what if the Wraith serves like a biological teleporter, able to transport it’s brethren to Shear.


I think it works differently with Krakens and Wraiths.

You see, Monsters are alien to Shear. That means they had to get there first and secure a foothold, even better if it happens silently. And that is where Wraiths come in.

They’re the equivavelent of special forces (Or, for this matter, Psi-troopers). They’re the bad boys with a ton of firepower and training sent in to do the preparations before the actual heavy infantry shows up (In our case, that means Goliaths. They’re our frontliners.). A small group of them is sent, probably due to transport limitations and the fact a strike team is less obvious. They evolve, perform scouting operations, pinpoint targets of value, set up a grid of teleportation rifts to the planet (We can guess that from Wraith Trap map bonuses), and then signal the invasion forces. Afterwards, they will perform a strike to knock out the target planet’s defensive structures. Kill comms, eliminate valuable assets, kill off personnel that might cause trouble, rig possible ways to leave the planet.

And then, they wait.

Krakens come in as our equivalent of artillery/sharpshooters. Their job would probably normally be to intercept whatever the enemy might get into air and bombard fortified positions. Simple, effective, easily deployable.

And then, there’s Behemoth.

I expect the guy to be either an equivalent to armored vehicles or a backbone colonisation force. Can’t really think of anything else the monsters would really need.


Medic are needed.
A monster that could build a base or a lair would be a valuable asset.
I mainly posted this to get the idea across. Wraith probably is the monster that gets the army from place to place. Not meant to fight but has the ability to.


I see the point, in a way, however, I don’t think the Behemoth would be serving just the one purpose of being the Medic. It might be very possible it’s a colonisation expert, and thus cares about building, keeping the soldiers supplied with whatever they might need to keep running and preparing the planet for our civilians.

Holy shit, Monster civvies, that’s one hell of a dumb idea right there.


Didn’t say Behemoth was a medic.
Said a monster Medic in general would be beneficial.
I see Behemoth has the guard. The monster that protects the main colony and the growing ones.


The idea that @Bear_Stream has is, in a way, entirely correct. Honestly, that’s a really good idea, but it’s just… Incomplete.

Not saying it’s bad, but you keep saying that they’re like an army, where generals train general and so on and so forth. However, there HAS to be a hive mind. The Monsters can’t just colonize by themselves. Yes, they’re intelligent, but to run an alien hive? No. The minions are like infantry and Alphas like generals, but if more than one exist, whose to say they won’t turn on each other? They need a knot to tie them all together. A Hive Mind, one whose specific purpose is to lead them to win.