My Theory about Shear Wildlife

I like the wildlife on shear. And I like to put things into categories.

I have (tried) to categorize life on shear, based solely on anatomy. If I’m wrong, feel free to correct me.

That is a very rough diagram of what I think the groups are. I’m going to go into a bit of detail about my theories, and what puts them in a group

It all starts in the sea, and the lifeforms everything evolved from are in there, represented by the biggest black dot (The smaller ones represent common ancestors)

The First on my list is the Canyon Eel. Only member of it’s group represented in game under the current classification. Might put the grub with it. We’ll see.

The Second is the common ancestor (Faded Black Dot) of the terrestrial life that doesn’t have tentacles, 6 eyes or looks like a bug. The Leviathan on Weather control is my best guess as to what this looks like.

It branched off into three groups:

  • First being Reavers and Megamouths. The unique trait here is the vestigial tail, that can’t be seen.
  • Second subgroup all possess a Tripartite jaw, this includes Crowbills, Hounds and Steamadons.
  • The Final Subgroup is the Avians. Tailed animals with a normal jaw, this includes Batrays and Harpies, Trapjaws, Spotters and The Marsh striders.

Moving on to the Third group. These are the Tentacled Terrestrials. Don’t have a good representation of their ancestors (Big Dot):

  • The Most Primitive is the Cephalodon, which is sort of a halfway point between the two other groups.
  • The Most common group have 4 legs and a Carapace. This group includes the Armadon, Nomads and Desert Striders.
  • The Third Group contains the mammoth birds. Only Two legs, no carapace and are capable of producing Electric shocks.

The Fourth Group are all Arthropod like. They have 4 to 6 limbs and consist of the Dune Beetle, Glaciapods and Obsidian Grub. Might be related to the canyon eel.

The Final Group are defined by have a long tail, 6 eyes and 4 limbs. This group is mostly aquatic, however most of the ones seen in game are the Land based ones. This Includes Tyrants, Blitzers and the Phantoms.


Blitzer and mammoth birds are related.
Some good info is on the Evolve game changer.


I really like your theory! I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true - The dev team spent a lot of time studying animal traits and behaviors to make shear’s fauna believable.

One factoid that may help your tree - The Phantoms are actually prehistoric wildlife that went extinct, and was recently revived for study in in The Aviary. They are common ancestors to the batray and harpy.


Where did you get this info from?

Oh gosh, I know I read it somewhere. I really entrench myself in the game’s story and setting, but I read so much, I forget where I find things. I’ll see if I can find a source for that. I wanna say it’s in the game’s dialogue at some point - Caira mentions it I think!

EDIT: wait, were you responding to me or to the original post? my notifications are all over the place at the moment.

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Nowhere. It’s his theory.
His Game Theory!


I just would really like to know.

I know that ancient migration patterns were rebooted when the aviary was erected under the glacier, but I’ve never heard her say that the Phantoms were Jurassic Parkified.


Mostly off physical appearance

EDIT: Sorry, you were asking takran. My bad

Huh. Wouldn’t have guessed that. They don’t look like Batrays or Harpies though. The Have 6 eyes, different wing structure, different tails, skin and ecological niche, only similarity is flight. They share more with the Blitzers by the look of it. I don’t doubt the extinct part though, the aviary also studies extinct flora.

Huh. That doesn’t make sense. The Bioluminescence is common to shear, and aside from that they don’t share any visible similarities.

Blitzleopards and Mammoth birds are explicitly stated to be relatives.

Along with Trapjaws and Harpies.

Trapjaws and Harpies make sense, I don’t have a problem there.

But how distant is the mammoth bird to blitzer. I guess they share a common ancestor or something.

Well, I might have to redo this later. Ad the Leviathan (Both of 'em) and a few of the other app creatures.

The Mammoth bird has a set of normal jaws inside it’s tentacles, like the beak of a squid,

while the Blitzer evolved the tentacles out of the way so it could kill with it’s actual teeth, eventually forming the frill along it’s back, the mammoth birds developed the ability to stun, and eventually kill using their tentacles.

Note that the mammoth bird has 7 tentacles, while the Blitzer has 7 spines on it’s frill, which is both muscular and flexible.

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I’ve heard the Blitzers have seal like relatives that live in the sea.

I’m just going to go with distant relatives and put a common ancestor dot on the map over the 6 Eyed group and the tentacle face group.

I will definitely double check this info and get back. I know I’ve heard it somewhere. I’ll keep digging and get back - you make a very good point on the phenotype. If they are really that far back, I wouldn’t be shocked if there were some common ancestry though. Again, I will have to confirm. I know it’s around somewhere.

Don’t forget that divergent and convergent evolution can play a role.

My theory on wildlife:

They are assholes.

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There’s in an game hunter dialogue about it (believe it’s the one where Val describes the Aviary to Maggie), and info on them in the hunter’s quest app. I think you remembered one of those.

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I love these kind of threads. That is all.

Also, Mammoth Birds are awesome.

Second version is here!

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Just so you know, life on Earth stemmed (vertebrates at least) from a single ancestor.
That’s why all vertebrates have their head in the front, and their sex organs in the back.

YES! That was it. Thank you, I knew I heard it somewhere.