My terminal dad and I would like to play again

When Evolve came out a few years ago my dad and I played it a ton. It was an amazing bonding experience and we had so much fun. He was battling cancer then and he is again now. He really wants to play with me again. Is it no longer possible to play the game at all? I have a copy on my Steam account. I can’t find the game for sale anywhere.


The copy of it on your Steam is playable but can’t be found in store as 2K took it down


Evolve Stage 2 is only playable offline with bots, but if you owned Evolve Legacy, you can create private lobbies to play in together. You will both need a copy to do that, though.

If you’re not sure how to play Evolve Legacy, you will have to go into the properties of Evolve Stage 2 in your Steam library and click the “Betas” tab at the top of the window. There should be a drop-down menu where you can select "legacyevolve - The Original Evolve Product" from. Once selected, you can close the window and it will start downloading your Legacy copy.

Evolve is not for sale anymore, but if you need a second copy of the game, there are some copies still floating around for purchase on places like Ebay and Amazon and such. It requires a bit more searching. If you opt for this, make sure you’re buying a copy for PC - there’s a lot of Xbox and PS4 editions around and you cannot play cross platform. Please be careful who you buy from, as well!

If getting another copy is not an option, perhaps you can set up a big monitor with your PC and you guys can enjoy taking turns playing and watching. You could even make a game out of it and have one person control movement and the other control aiming/shooting.

I hope you get to relive the experience with your dad. I wish well for him, too. :blush:


Did you manage to find a copy?