My take so far and some suggestions


Hello everyone,

Long time listener first time caller. I played in the alpha and beta. Equal parts hunter and monster, no real preference for role. I enjoy them all. I’m on XBONE, for reference.

First, before I dive in, this game is really fun and I haven’t accidentally stayed up until 4am like this in a long time. So thank you to the devs, it really feels like the first next gen title.

As a quick aside upfront, the “game could not be found bug” is still there, but only really affects me when I’m in a party. Odd.

There’s been a lot of discussion about parity in the game and I think the right take is that it’s too early to tell - but there are a few things that could really unbalance the game.

Not that it matters, but I never lost as monster in either alpha or beta even though I had to fight through a game where the hunters were glitched and invisible (they weren’t that good, and i had flame breath and charge maxed, and could see their tracers. It was fun.) This isn’t a complaint about that - I do think people will learn, and I think it’ll even out. For example, even against good coordinated teams, it was still easy to beat them at stage two by mostly focusing on tempo changes that threw them off - you can so rapidly disappear and reappear that after 5-6 changes of pace, you’ll have an opportunity to get a strike or two. As people get better at reacting intelligently without thinking, that won’t work as well. And this didn’t work at stage three, because everyone knows the tempo at the generator. So very fun meta game, even within a few days of playing.

Right now, the balance of the monsters feels okay. The decoy changes felt good. Supernova still is just boring to use, but that’s a personal thing. I actually enjoy playing hunters more right now as I rank up, since the monster feels a little unfair and rage-inducing to play against (I don’t enjoy beating the crap out of newbs, but that’s a personal thing).

So, hunters, this is the main thing my suggestions revolve around, and it’s not about the characters themselves, but more about the skill required to play them.

4 bad hunters can stomp a bad monster, but as the monsters learn about mobility and evasiveness, it becomes pretty hopeless if even one of the hunters is new or just bad, or trolling. And the learning curve for the monster is a lot more obvious than the hunters, when it comes to mobility.

And I suggest to you, TRS, that mobility management is the core difference between good players and bad. Mobility is a huge source of damage mitigation, beyond just catching the monster. For example, kraken fights are all about movement (not downing him) imo. If you can maintain a proper spread and everyone can dodge his abilities to some extent, he can only damage one hunter at a time, and when you watch the devs play, this is what you see: single hunter damage that can be managed or mitigated. It’s the most important skill, and it’s very hard to learn.

The techniques and strategies for hunters are too opaque right now, and the environments are so lush and complicated (with wildlife) that it’s hard for new players to learn what works and doesn’t work. It requires so much (note i do not say too much) situational awareness compared to call of duty that it’s hard to learn the underlying systems. So games like cod, etc, have simpler movement and less going on (and the consequences of dying are minimal in most modes).

I’d argue that evolve is beyond titanfall in this respect. Titanfall had very complicated movement, but it wasn’t OP because the environments were simple enough that people could sort of deal with it, even if they never got great at it (a bad default control scheme didn’t help).

Now, here, in this forum, the majority of members are involved gamers who take the time to study footage and learn proper techniques and all sorts of little tricks. We’re not the audience that you need to address.


I’m not sure the video you made is enough. I think you should make a time trial jet pack tutorial. Maybe it’s rescuing a teammate before they time out or something. Or race other hunters (could be one for monsters) to an objective, or just chase an AI monster around the map. Then work on dodging. A short, interactive, repeatable mode that lets you work on your movement across the map, and get really fast at it, with tips along the way.

I think this mode would really help a lot of new hunters just focus on the jetpack/movement system without everything else the game throws at you at once, and get it to a point of good habit so they can focus on the rest of the game.

I know it would take more investment than a video. I think it is the single thing you could create that would vastly improve the quality of hunter play out there, for most people.

As I said up top, I think the parity is there, but it’s just harder to unlock as a new hunter who doesn’t get hardcore about the game. It’s not about balance changes to me - it’s about making this one crucial yet difficult to learn part of the game a little easier, so the rest of the game is more competitive and fun.

It doesn’t take the skill out - it adds it back in, for most people, so that the game’s richness and complexity can be sustainable, without dumbing it down to a COD level of play.

Just a thought.