My Take on Rogue Val

The struggles of real life people XD.

multiply that by 1000 and you should be good. Oh and she loves killing and destruction.

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Val would look awesome with a hood

Eh, real world sucks compared to fantasy.

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I don’t see why model changes can’t be a thing plus meteor Goliath did sort of a get a change. It’s more like a hat they attached to his head. If you look closely at mg head the base head is still there.

Think about it, Monsters can already distinguish between certain Hunters just by silhouette. Change that up and it’s just confusing. However I think they’ve said that they’ll do body reskins but not remodels.


That sounds more like a personal problem and not a general problem.

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Starting from the basic model.

I was thinking something more like this:

Then we could call her rouge Val.


Give her soe goggles of no headwear option and I’ll be fine.

Well damn no wonder mackorav says shes russian like

I imagine her Adapted Tranq Gun could highlight and poison the monster and last for a longer duration, as apposed to highlighting and slowing the monster. But that’s just my idea.


I’m perfectly happy with reskins. But on the silhouette topic. Each class has a specific “silhouette style”. So if a remodel (I’m not saying they are) was an option for them, keeping to the silhouette wouldn’t be too hard.

But reskins actually change a lot. A good number of the skins we already have actually have different weapon models to begin with.

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Did you perform plastic surgery on her?

I should also make some, I think I should have enough skill to make a few.

heres to hoping she makes it into sf5…

Oh she will…just a matter of initial roster or DLC.

I would love it if rogue Vals rifle did a slight bit of damage to armor and the rest to health as its armor piercing.

Edit: Oops accidental rez…

I wonder if the rifle with RV will do more dmg and bypass armor.

That’s what I’m hoping for.

Could you imagine Val all black leather like cat woman or something. That would be sweet.

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