My Take on Rogue Val

Just played around in PS to give my idea of how it may change the hunters appearance although it will likely just be the colour of their cloths/gear.

For instance Blitz Markov I think could perhaps shoot a red or more blue tone from his lightning gun.


As long as RV still wears some type of spandex then I will be happy.


:joy: :flushed:


Model changes aren’t a thing. Full body recolors are still on the table but not model changes AFAIK.

Dude…spandex is Ha-ha-ha-hawt!

Look at this.

That’s a bow chicka bow wow.


Mg had a slightly model change…

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Monsters and Hunters are completely different.

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So? Vairant all the same.

Monsters can look completely different. Changing Hunter models will just confuse Monsters as to what Hunter it actually is therefore AFAIK they’ve said no model changes, just reskins.

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I absolutely love you for this.


We’ll see I guess.

Juri’s my girl. :heart_eyes:

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Where did they say that?

she looks like jennifer aniston. not gonna lie, hot image

She’s mine too now, Jesus Christ… :heart_eyes:

That looks very uncomfortable.

Yoga pants bring the best of both worlds.

If you like crazy, evil, sadistic, dominant women. Then look no further.

I love dem spandex.

Sounds like a conglomeration of all my past girlfriends.

I’m down.

Hmmmmmmmmmm…I can’t see it. Then again…I never found Aniston hot or attractive anyway.

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