My T5 Female Support Idea! OC


This is my idea for a T5 Support, by the name of Alex/Alexis/Ava/Emily (Maybe even something like Agnes)
In terms of look, she’d have long brunette hair, and a kinda elbow-length baseball tee/crop-top that’s cut off above the stomach. She’d definitely be more of an eye-candy hunter with a really coy attitude and full of sarcasm. Her load-out is very laser/beam inspired (Maybe she could be a fellow scientist like Caira?)

-Primary weapon: Beam Laser
A continuous beam that is low damage but the longer it hits the monster/wildlife its damage starts increasing to a certain limit. This makes cutting line of sight and movement very important to the monster. Would have a slight auto-target at a shorter range (imagine Damage Amp lock-on but less range) that could be maintained with proper strafing and movement but easily broken. This allows the support to have the ability to deal high damage (but not more then the Assault) with high risk and more responsibility in terms of placement.

-Secondary weapon: Bullet Magnet
Bullet Magnet would be a short/medium range, but low duration, beam-based projector (like Shield Projector) that causes all projectiles to auto-target the monster. This allows a higher damage output for the hunters that is balanced by the low amount of time the monster can be targeted. Ammo/charge would start being used THE SECOND something is targeted, instead of after a certain amount of damage such as the Damage Amp. Credit to FilibusterTurtle: the bullet magnet would be great for certain scenarios such as fighting a wraith or a flying kraken to get much needed damage, where a behemoth would be a great target for the Beam Laser.

-Utility: Shield Dome
A small, personal shield that is projected off a device that would be planted on the ground similar to a sound-spike. This allows a small area to protect fellow hunters and allow them to take refuge from attacks. This is balanced by that other hunters need to be aware/near to take advantage of the shield. A maximum of 2 shields can be placed at once, and they would either run on a longer timer similar to the assault’s personal shield due to the fact that it is an immobile item or after dissipate after a higher threshold of damage is taken then Hank’s Shield Projector since you can’t just target someone.

Considering the player base, the easiest way to explain this is just imagine the shield dome from the new Star Wars: Battlefront trailer. Like that, but smaller.

Any opinions on this idea would be greatly appreciated! Suggestions, love, hate, I’ll take it all!



Female support is going to be an Old lady in a robot mech suit as assault thats out for revenge of her grand kids being eaten.

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The shield dome from Battlefront is exactly what I imagined. Feels a bit like a mix of Cabot & Sunny.

What I really want is a Support with a CC ability. The idea for a Support I had was a spaceship mechanic with a beam weapon like a molten-hot soldering iron for hull repairs, gravity field traps that force Monsters and projectiles to stick to the ground in an AOE (for spacewalks) and automated sensor probes like the things from Prometheus - mini-UAVs or roving sound spikes that comb the map.

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I definitely want this support to feel like a mix of Defense/Offense with more control.

And oh my gosh do I like your thinking with the molten-hot soldering beam. In terms of CC, it could be a continuos, fiery beam that can also create small trails of fire on the ground that deal a good chunk of damage over time if the monster stays in too long (Just like Lava Bomb)

This means instead of going straight for the monster with the weapon, you can paint a part of the area with fire to deter the monster and make him stop focusing a team mate and position himself which could be the difference between life and death for that hunter.

I also like your idea of small drones, but something combing the map by AI feels out of place for a Support whereas Bucket has to control his head and sound spikes are immobile. It feels much more a trapper utility but I like the idea still!



I never even thought of it like that, I just thought of something like a Lightning Gun or Flamethrower with limited range and maybe a fire DoT, but that’s an interesting idea. The sensor probe thing was an idea for a supporting tracking ability like UAV, except I thought “what if UAV wasn’t so annoying to use?” for a Support with Trapper-like qualities. When I thought of the gravity field I was thinking as a weakness it would be sort of the opposite of a “bullet magnet” - bullet-based weapons would be ineffective in the field (imagine the salt if something like stasis grenades negated traversal and Monsters just had to soak damage). But also I thought stuff like Rock Throw or Lava Bomb would be pulled down as soon as it enters the field, so it could also be used defensively, creating lanes of area denial that Medics could hide behind.

I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing a short duration group shield, but wouldn’t a “bullet magnet” be super-powerful? Everyone would just unload in the Monster’s general direction.

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Oooh yeah I was a little confused at what you meant by the gravity field but after rereading that I really get what you mean. An ability area-of-denial is good idea for a support, but the real question is how it would be deployed and maintained and all the of the effects.

I get what you mean about how the Bullet Magnet would be OP, but imagine it like Markov’s Lightning Gun with slightly shorter range. The BM’s ammo/energy would immediately start draining and the duration would be short, so teamwork and coordination would be a MUST, whereas with Cabot’s Damage Amp you can just hold it on the monster until everyone starts attacking. With those mechanics, it would allow hunters to get much needed damage during certain situations in bursts which would be very effective against monsters like wraith and kraken. This way without teamwork, the entire capacity of Bullet Magnet would potentially be wasted and deters abuse.



Like this?



Alright, so I really like this idea. But I’m gonna offer a few adjustments.

!) 5 can be placed at any time. For continuity.

  1. Hunters can come and go as they please. If a hunter is inside none of their effects can go outside. Meaning they can’t shoot out or heal but they can heal another hunter inside.

  2. Monsters/wildlife can’t enter or effect anything inside, obviously.

  3. The dome can be destroyed but has a higher capacity than Hank/Sunny’s. Recharge would probably be longer than those as well.

  4. The generator itself can be destroyed once the shield is down and would last until destroyed or replaced. Also, it starts empty like Sunny’s.

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All of those are perfect. You’re perfect. This is the perfect support now. Move over, Sunny!

I was skeptical of having 5 shields but it makes sense if they start empty like sunny’s drone and makes it a really interesting concept for when a monster gets domed, Alex would set up her shields around the dome for safety.

I really wish TRS would see this and give some feedback!

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No way! Sunny Is and will always be imprinted on my gooey inside stuff. yes that’s a real thing.