My suggestions for sunny


Sunny is still just way to strong. For the first time ever, im not having fun with the game, and sunny is at fault. She does EVERYTHING, and does it extremely well. People say focus her, well when you play with people at the skill level that i do, its damn near impossible. She can be sheilded by her drone, be healed, and cloack to stay alive. Now, onto the drone. Its stupid how little the delay is before the drone is up. And as soon as you even attempt to focus it, another is up in a different spot. Also people put them in really cheesy high spots that make it really hard to take out. My suggestion for the drone is put a 10-13m elevation limit on it, and also a 7-10 second reload. I think the mini nuke is fine if you do nerf the other kit peices, so ill move straight on to the booster. To get to the point, I think the capacity should be reduced 10-15% and have an added 2-4 seconds on to the reload. Im probably gonna catch heat for this, but i could care less. Im almost at the point of taking an extended break from the game, and I really dont want to do that.


sunnys shield doesnt block damage. now wrap your head around that 1000 times. after that all u need to adjust to is the jetpack booster.


You just need to focus her down hard, if the shield drone’s in a good spot, then take it out first. If she’s going to put another one down whilst you’re focusing her, then it’ll likely be in melee range. With the health nerf it isn’t too hard to take out again. When you’re focusing her, and she hasn’t got a shield drone down, there’s nothing she has to protect herself apart from her cloak, which all Supports have.

If it’s any help, try watching this at 17:22:

Shield drone goes down, it’s taken out instantly with a Warp Blast. For Goliath the equivalent of this would be a Rock Throw/Firebreath, for Kraken, Lightning Strike/Vortex/Banshees and for Behemoth a Lava Bomb or Fissure. A second shield drone goes down, which is ignored as it isn’t charged. Second, third, fourth and fifth shields are taken down, all with a Warp Blast, all whilst Sunny is being kept under pressure. 18:22, bingo, Sunny goes down.

My point is, Sunny really isn’t as OP as everyone makes her out to be, you just need to learn how to deal with her and make sure that shield drone isn’t ignored.


At least agree with me on the sheild drone elevation suggestion?


are you talking about the bug that makes them stackable? i thot that was dealt with


No, i mean the fact that you can put them on pillars or other high spots that the monster can’t really get to very well


Are you suggesting it’s 10-13 metres relative to the ground directly beneath it, or 10-13 metres from the “bottom” of the map?


Bottom of the map


im always fighting level 40 elite mic teams and still won just keep switching between medic and sunny


lava bomb is the best against sunny lol. the shield spasms out and doesnt block anyone. they just burn while u line up fissure.


7 seconds are you insane she could only shoot you like 20 times in a dome


I honestly don’t agree with that. The shield drone would be made redundant on Fusion Plant, since the bottom of the map is the tyrant pit and there’s so many height changes in the area around it.


My man, i dont mean to sound like a douche, but i play with some of the best players on ps4 exclusively, so its really damn hard on me when i go from winning 95% of my games vs them to having a REALLY hard time winning a game


I play golaith almost exclusively though :confused::flushed:


just take her out first problem solved thats how i do it as goliath


Then I guess i meant realtive to the ground below it. But in that case you could still put it on a pillar which is still cheesy. I guees what i mean is the ground level your on


About 502X easier said than done


than you must not use feeding speed


Cooldown reduction


:smirk:really feeding speed lets you hit stage 2 like right away