My suggestion for the next substantial update

First off, I am suggesting these as to somewhat mitigate the instadome. Note please that I’m not against the instadome–it’s one of the smarter changes, imo. But this would give some of the “hunt” back to the game.

  1. Take the glow out of monster footsteps. As a some is now guaranteed 99% of the time, you should no longer have a neon sign pointing you I his direction. WORK for it. Even if it’s just paying attention to the details of the ground. It would also make the monster inclined to favor and avoid certain terrains that make it easier to see, whereas now, it’s follow the big glowing arrow.

Or perhaps only the trapper can see prints? Now that you’ve alleviated the “take any dome I’m blessed enough to receive” pressure away, apply it to the actual tracking process. Make the team dependant on his ability to two the monster. And then, when he finds it, he’s able to dome the monster in an appropriate location thanks to his new instadome.

  1. A wildlife rework to give them similarities to monsters? When I see a sloth, I want to double take “Goliath!?” the curled megamouth should make me think I may have found the behemoth. A couple flying wildlife should Make me fear that one is about to cast a lightning strike.

I believe this would add a tactical approach to wildlife and monster interaction and allow her to use them to mislead and potentially ambush unsuspecting hunters.

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Changing category to suggestions for better awareness.


Thank you.


Getting rid of the glow from the footprints is a definite no. Dimming them yes. The game is too dark to see footprints.

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Dude the wildlife are so dam annoying every time you go past even little critters they nab a 5th of your health hell the bigger dudes can kill you in a couple of hits

It’s not too dark on mine. Clear Sky would make them almost as vivid as of they glowed. Storm would make them a pain to find. Making these two actually worth having as effects.

But, if you feel that way, then my recommendation to make the trapper glow only applies.

Same reason you hire guides when going on safaris. They know and see things that people not accustomed would miss. It would make the trapper as crucial as the medic. And give the monster a reason to debate whether to target medic or trapper.


I didn’t say add more! Lol just change their models a bit to help distract and throw off hunters.

Though some neutral flyers would be good

Yeah I wouldn’t mind some flying wildlife to light up the sky a bit that say could randomly attack monster or hunter but at a very small chance otherwise you would get peed of.

They had it so only the trapper could see the footprints early on, but it wasn’t as fun for the other classes, so they changed it.

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They also had wildlife a lot more tanky at one stage (I believe), but they found it made the game a lot less fun for the hunters, and it made the monsters seem like less of a big step up from the wildlife.

Even as a monster player, I don’t think I like this idea. A lot of strategy can be had with misleading hunters and not knowing whether they’ll even see your misdirection would ruin that part of the game imo.

This I can get behind. It reinforces the theme of being the “Trapper” AND allows the monster to still try to play mind games.

It also gives trappers a more unique role than “throw dome, spam CC”. I like this plus it promotes even more coop and interaction with your team. The more I think about this idea, the more I like it. So I’d be down with this, even if it required some changes to balance (trapper faster following the trail since the whole team can’t spread out for tracks anymore? Whatever is needed after testing).

This is interesting though I’m not sure it’s feasible or a good idea to try to redo all silhouettes and figures to better match monsters. But I do think wildlife aggro should be reworked to be more “predictable” which would encourage using it by both teams to their advantage.

Kind of thinking Jurassic World here where they use the “wild” T-Rex to take on the “Monster”. And it would be cool if the monster could “use” wildlife like the Indominus Rex used the raptors to attack the “hunters”. Not sure exactly how to go about this and it would require a fair bit of rebalancing but I think it would give wildlife that environmental pressure they were supposed to have.


I agree that tracking needs to be much more difficult than it is. There shouldn’t be a stage one fight every time you play hunt

I don’t recall this and I preordered

Again, don’t make them more aggressive. Make them look similar to monsters. The way THOUSANDS of real life animals look like aggressive predators to help scare predators away.

A megamouth that looked like a crouched behemoth would be much more likely to help throw off hunters. Giving easily domed monsters a bit of their elusiveness back in a more manageable and immersive way.

I think I could get behind a dimming of the tracks but not make them stop glowing entirely.

To stop the glow just means that you are hurting the hunters who may have subpar vision or a worse television/monitor which is why slim is so unfun. The same would apply here.

I disagree. There should always be stage 1 encounters. In fact the developers acknowledge that has always been their vision.

HOWEVER, it should require the team to coordinate (in this case, with the trapper) to accomplish the goal.

Then perhaps my second approach to this. Only glow for the trapper. Make the team RELIANT on the trapper to track and trap. The same way you rely on the medic to heal, assault to dps and support to shield and assist.

As it is, a good team can carry a horrible trapper to a successful dome. The same cannot be said for inverse scenarios to this extent.

What happens then when you get a bad/incompetent trapper? Its up to all the hunters to help track the monster, that’s why he is called the trapper and not tracker.

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It originally was called tracker in design.
They changed it I believe because trapper more accurately described the signature dome

As for your “what happens when…” question, did you really think that through? The same thing will happen that happens when you have an incompetent medic. Or an incompetent support. Or an incompetent assault.

You will die horribly. The same way you’re 100% inarguably expected to with a horrible team member.

As it is now, he’s the only class whose primary purpose can be compensated for by 3 other good members.

He means when it was tested. It wasn’t public at the time.

BTW, I think the trapper thing could be pretty neat.

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