My Story/Character thread- separate for a reason


First off, this is for me to post the stuff. You’re welcome to comment, but please leave the character posting to me (obviously it’d be hard to post story stuff in this). My imagination is too active, so I’m venting most of it into this thread. Thanks and enjoy!



Seamus “Twinshot” O’Mann

Almost a thousand years ago, one man was put into a coma during a fight. Scientists put him into cryo freeze to test it out. The war vs. the Native Americans for the US was ending.
Present Day
Seamus comes to Shear, armed with his twin revolvers, and realizes that he needs better gear. Working with Cabot, Seamus builds equipment like what he used in the old days.


Primary- twin rail pistols
A breakoff of Cabot’s rail cannon, Seamus’s pistols have a slow fire rate, decent reload speed, high damage and average accuracy. They fire one at a time, each trigger fires one pistol. They cannot shoot through walls.

Secondary- kinetic long rifle
Like crow’s rifle, but meant for ripping apart armor. Low fire rate, good accuracy, moderate damage, average reload. Cannot break through armor to hit health, but deals high armor damage.

Tertiary- cryo grenade
A grenade of frost energy. Small radius and low damage, this grenade slows the monster down a ton.

Basic cowboy look, with some cybernetic parts for armor. Kindof like McCree from overwatch, but with more cybernetic parts and has what is essentially Google Glass and a bandanna.


Just so you know, Evolve takes place in like… 2300+. That would mean that the Colonies combat with the Native Americans would have taken place around 1300, which is highly inaccurate:


The idea kinda boring,i’m not gonna lie.If you have very active imagination.just right it’s down 1st,then you can work on the details.I get a big urge to make some adjustment to your character,but since you specific tell me not to,i will shut it


its been a while since i saw the lore of when it is. also i mean trail of tears war-thing


Yeah, that takes place in like, the 1700’s I think. 1700’s or 1800’s.


yeah. thanks for the feedback tho



Kayla Scolomance
As a child, Kayla’s immune system didn’t fight diseases. It fought her. Her father, a doctor and mechanical scientist, tried several times to heal her. On the seventh try, he succeeded, and produced ICARUS(Intensive Care Active Rover Unit Seven). A few years later, he died under mysterious circumstances. At the age of 18, Kayla came to Shear with ICARUS and her best friend Taycee against her mother’s wishes. Kayla’s passions have always been archery and biology, so she uses these “hobbies” against the monsters.

Charged Bow- The electric charge running through this bow makes it stronger and more durable. Medium damage, reload speed, and fire rate, low capacity, high accuracy.
Corrosive Pistol- Kayla’s love of biology led her to this special acid that leaves a hole in the monster’s armor. Triangle shaped weak point. Medium fire rate, reload and capacity, low damage, high accuracy.
ICARUS- Robotic dog that stays near Kayla then disengages during combat. Has a Val medgun with slightly less strength. Delayed heal burst with slightly larger radius than normal.
Heal Burst- Slightly smaller that normal to make up for above.

Blond hair, pixie cut, armored sleeveless tank top, camo pants, combat boots, hip quiver, glasses, 5’ 6", 150-180 lbs

Happy and peppy, becomes angry and vulgar when ICARUS is damaged down to 50%, psychotic when ICARUS hits 0


there it is




so how do you guys like Kayla? i’ve got her best friend already figured out, and im already working on the trapper.




Taycee “Kiss” Machinist
Taycee is an old friend of Kayla, and came with her to when they both turned 18. As a young woman, she watched her father kill her mother and then Taycee was used by him. She then went to live with Kayla and her family. She was always a delinquent, but she is now a criminal. She came to Shear to escape the law for murder. Her father now rots.

Weapons and Tools
Execution Rifle- a simple sniper rifle, Taycee modded it for more ammo and damage. High ammo cap. and damage, medium accuracy, low reload speed and fire rate.
Napalm Rockets- Rocket launcher that fires napalm rockets. medium damage/DoT and reload speed, high capacity and fire rate, very low accuracy/explosion radius.
Vengeance- A buff applied to a single hunter at a time. While active, hunter deals 1.5x damage with all weapons, and .5x damage to monster when hit with a melee attack.

4’4", 115 lbs, wears jeans, sports bra, and mechanized exoskeleton, black hair, ponytail

Sample Conversation: w/ Jack
"Heard you’ve been flirting with my girlfriend. Stop." T
"You mean Kayla?" J
"Stop. Flirting. With. Kayla."
”'Cuz otherwise I’ll blow your f***ing brains out."
“Good reason.”