My Speculation on the Behemoth


So… Rumor has it the official reveal of the Behemoth is coming soon. Well, then we’re almost out of time to speculate on it!

I’ll be putting my guesses here if that’s alright


I think behemoth will be a tank. That’s nothing new. But I think that by being a tank, behemoth’s abilities will focus on two things.

  1. Dealing Damage
  2. Preventing Damage
    Now as for elements I’d say either Acidic or Earth. Nothing unsaid, but I’d still like to say it.

I’m also betting on either Green or Yellow Bioluminescence.


Yeah, kind of a big deal. The Movement Ability defines a monster. Now, so far most Behemoth speculation is a tank. Now since behemoth is so large, and takes a few design choices from Scorpid I’m guessing his ability is to burrow.

It makes sense. Burrowing reduces the amount of damage taken which would make sense for a tank and it’s one of the few abilities that makes sense for something that large that wouldn’t be boring.


A Damage Dealer, just a ranged damage dealer. Nothing special about it. This is Behemoth’s version of the Rock Throw/Lightning Strike/Warp Blast. A Basic Attack that deals a metric ton of damage.


A method of Area denial, like a pool of acid or spikes of rock. Punishing Damage and forces the hunters to revise their strategy


A way to block incoming damage. This could be in the form of a Wall that the Behemoth creates, which greatly reduces incoming damage


Okay, this ones kind of unconventional.

Bait. Behemoth creates a lure, which draws in aggressive wildlife either as a distraction or to replenish armour.

That’s what I think Behemoth will be, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

Especially on the movement ability. Especially that.


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