My Skin Roleplay Plan


So with Evolve coming near release, I decided I would share with you all my plan for my roleplay.
So if you see the steam user Hadrosaur Hero, pay close attention to what monster skin I’m using. :wink:
Default: With this skin, I will be whatever the hell I want to be! If I want to be sneaky. I will! If I want to be aggresive at any time. I will! I will never make up my mind!
Albino: Time to show how fabulous I am! I will show off to the full extent! I won’t run away from fights as much, I will evolve on top of your incapped body, I will eat your corpse if I have the time!
Corpse Eater:

I will sneak a lot. Okay? I just wanted to hear that theme. :smiley:
Savage: I am the devil. If I see you, I will attack you. Even if I have no armor. I will try to get at least 1 strike on one of you. Beware me. For I am a true monster.
Magma: Will be my skin to use if I am on an acid map. I will like to fight near acid. :wink:
Wendigo: My default skin for snow maps. I love water. :wink:
Swamp: Go to skin on forest maps. I love trees. :wink:

Default: I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky!
Albino: I will always start with lightning strike. If I have it ready, then get ready to charge your batteries.
Corpse Eater: I will eat you!!!
Magma: Troll time! Exclusive to Acid maps. I love to vortex into acid.
Wendigo: I am a slippery eel. I will fly around and try to avoid all domes.
Swamp: (I assume he has one) I will not fly unless in battle. No reason why. :wink:

Default: I love to use abduct and warp blast.
Albino: Supernova spam all the way!
Corpse Eater: Time to put on my Alien coseplay. :wink:
Magma: Decoy is made of light. Lava/Magma produces light. Why not?
Wendigo: Slippery and unpredictable. One minute I will be all sneaky but then later I will eat your freaking face off.
Swamp: Abduct spam. Nuff said.

There you go! How will you roleplay? Do you not care? Make sure to look out for me if I am the monster and play close attention. :wink:


Thank you for telling me all your tactics and secrets! Now it’ll be even easier to achieve Shear Domination! Mwa-hahahaha! Um. Out of curiosity (not an innate lust for power, I assure you) will you actually be sticking to these? It seems very interesting.

And + 10 points for working Batman in there.


awesome post. That thread title though. All i could think about was “It puts the lotion in the basket or it gets the hose again”. Glad to see it didnt turn out crazy.


Holy crap. That’s an AMAZING idea. Props dude. Fucking cool idea. I’m pretty sure you’re on PC, and I’m on XBOXONE, so we’ll probably never meet. I prefer Monster myself as you do it seems. Soooo mind if I have my own RP. I mean, not to rip you off or anything, but it’s too good an idea to pass up…

  1. Yes I will. But I can play as the default, then you won’t have a plan.
  2. 0_0
  3. Go ahead!